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Sunday, March 26, 2023

School District of Pickens County Board Meeting March 27, 2023

 On Monday, March 27th the SDPC School Board will meet. To learn more click this link:

If you can and if you should be there.

Several of our members will be speaking about their concerns. Please come and support them in their efforts to stand in the gap in this spiritual warfare going on for children's souls within our government run school systems.  

Below is the speech leadership team member Johnnelle Raines will be giving to the board...

     Johnnelle Raines

Leftist academia are not really interested in "equity and inclusion” or else they would allow the opposing conservative political ideology in lesson plans for students and teacher training programs.

This school district needs to be more inclusive and vigilant in the choices you are making when it comes to curriculum and teacher training.

Leftism favoritism is showing lately...Case in point.... 

Last year's Unity Program at Pickens Middle School led by hired leftist Adrienne Young where originally white students couldn't participate but parents had to protest to get that changed. Ms. Young still preceded to praise her leftist political leaders in her speech to students. When will our district hire a conservative to speak to students?  

Another case in point, this recent teacher professional development given to our teachers by the leftist woke company “Solution Tree”. When will you hire a conservative company to lead teacher training

Another case in point, this recent participation of Pickens Middle School in the Ron Clark Amazing Shake Competition. I researched Ron Clark's background and listened to the political debate questions put forth for students to speak on. Those questions were geared toward leftist ideology as well. When will you allow students to participate in a conservative leaning debate competition?

Another case in point, textbooks you are considering tonight. Studies show most ALL major publishing companies lean to the left. How many of you on this board even looked for evidence of indoctrination in these proposed textbooks... But yet you'll raise your hand and rubberstamp their approval.  Why not consider adopting Hillsdale College's Civics curriculum?

Another case in point...we wouldn't have to remove indoctrinating books or soft porn books if they weren't ordered in the first place. Does anyone research the purchases ahead of time?  

Taxpayers in SC have spoken with their conservative votes. Our legislators are working hard to stop this leftist indoctrination taking place, ...are you?  

YOU SHOULD BE researching the companies, speakers and books BEFORE you hire and BEFORE you spend our money. It's not hard to research with today's technology to see just WHO you are paying to indoctrinate the students' minds. 

 I thank God for teacher informants who contact me or else I wouldn't even know. ...but isn't it a tragedy these teachers fear speaking up to you?

 The Bible says, seek and ye shall find.  Please seek more truth on WHO and WHAT you are spending OUR taxpayer money on."

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