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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Is It Really Banning Books?

Below is our COTU member Luke Campbell's speech given to the March 27, 2023 School District of Pickens County Board Members.

Special note:  There were approximately 5 Liberals who spoke to the board the same night about how children have a right to read anything they want to. So, if Luke had not given this speech, the Board would assume our community would not want them to ban any inappropriate book to be available for students. That's why it's important for Christian Conservatives to attend the School Board meetings and SPEAK OUT. 

"At the last few school board meetings, people have very eloquently talked about banning books, and how that’s a bad thing. In general, everyone’s going to agree on that. The problem is that talking about "banning books" completely misses the point ... the point is about content. 

This book, and others like it which some people say people are trying to “ban”, actually has destructive content; the content, in this case, is indoctrination using bald faced lies saying kids are ALL inherently racist, regardless of skin color ... other books have outright lies about the United States of America, and others have pornography. This is evil. 

In this book, (STAMPED) we have bald faced lies ... which is destructive to the person looking at it, and to the people around that person, family, spouse, and friends. 

Content is the issue, not “banning”. Banning is a subterfuge.

Now here’s the deal: There are 2 types of people who want to provide destructive things to school kids. One type either has the wrong set of priorities or puts so-called “banning” above content ... or ... they simply don’t know the evil content inside the book ... and all they know of is banning-banning-banning ... and these unknowledgeable people are simply minions of evil.

The second type of person wants the destructive content, and these people are just plain evil. Evil is defined by God, not man. I don’t have opinions about books like this, nor are my opinions of any value ... nor are any of yours. I’m not providing opinion here; I’m only stating fact. Evil exists, and it’s our job to keep it from our kids.

Evil has no place anywhere ... especially in schools.

School kids are not going to pick up a book like this from the library or a classroom shelf and look at the cover and then put it back ... they’re going to look at the content. The content is destructive; it harms those who get involved with it. 

THAT is the issue. Flowery words and eloquent descriptions about banning have nothing to do with the issue ... except to distract from the real purpose of books like this ... the sole purpose of which is to destroy. Now ... we have a phrase for harming kids and presenting them with destructive ideas and material, and I was reminded recently that this is called child abuse. We want to be on the opposite end of the pool from child abuse. Eliminate these destructive things from our kids’ reach."

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