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Tuesday, March 7, 2023


A Call to Action has been issued by Evan Newman, the State Freedom Caucus Network State Director of South Carolina... plus Conservatives of the Upstate want to issue a call to action based on a LGBTQ agenda that's taking place as well.

This week, the House will be dealing with H.3014, better known as the Hate Crimes Bill.
While many Republicans and Democrats have signed on to support this bill, I urge you to contact your rep and ask them to vote no for the following reasons: 
First, this bill is an attack on traditional families, institutions, and faith-based charities. The bill redefines “sex” in South Carolina Law to extend to transgender individuals, as well as any individual who identifies along the LGBTQ+ spectrum. This bill could have dangerous results for institutions of faith who support the traditional family by opening them up to innumerable and unending lawsuits from unhinged leftists. 
Over the past 20 years, the Federal Government has consistently grown its role in policing the daily lives of taxpayers. This bill will have a similar result. A judicial system that is known by many to be corrupt in conjunction with a culture controlled by woke leftist propaganda will now have in law the right to determine based on thoughts and feelings the reason an individual commits a crime. It’s a dangerous expansion of thought policing.

As many of you have probably become aware, America has an existential threat in the form of ESGs (Environmental Societal Governance). ESGs, if you are not familiar, are social justice, woke left credit scores that many large corporations claim they must have in order to be successful. These ESG scores will destroy small businesses, elevate costs for consumers, and ultimately bypass the legislative process to enact the Green New Deal. 

South Carolinians should have a problem with ESGs. The main proponents of this bill are massive multinational corporations who aim to satisfy their ESG masters by passing this bill. These same large companies enjoy hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare while demanding that we adopt their secular, leftist values. 

Make no mistake, passage of this bill sends a message that South Carolina is not serious about the dangerous reality ESGs pose.

It has come to COTU's attention via one of our members that a leftist group named SC UNITED FOR JUSTICE AND EQUITY will be lobbying our legislators on education, healthcare, and marriage this week. So please mention in your email you are against any legislation that furthers their agenda on grooming  children, and attacking Christian values and beliefs. You can read more on this group's agenda at this link: 

YOU CAN Send ONE email to all House Reps to tell them you oppose the HATE CRIME Legislation via this link:

Thank you members for your time and effort to keep  SC and Pickens County the most conservative place to live and work. 


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