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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Parental Choice in Education SC Senate Bill 519 Gets Support from USPIE


2023-2024 Bill 519: Income tax credit - South Carolina Legislature Online (

Below is the press release by United States Parents Involved in Education in support of Sen. Rex Rice's S 519 which seeks to give parents tax credits for choosing the school of their choice which is not a government run public school. 

Please contact YOUR SC Senator in SC and tell them you want them to sign on as a co-sponsor of this legislation. You can send an automated email to ALL SC SENATORS by clicking this link and simply stating. " Please sign on as a sponsor of Senate Bill 519. Click here: 

South Carolina Legislature Online - Send Message (

U.S. Parents Involved in Education Action (USPIE Action) announces their support for South Carolina’s Tax Credits for Parental Choice in Education bill S. 519.  USPIE Action is pleased to be a participant in structuring legislation to maximize the freedom of parents to direct the education of their children while limiting the potential for intrusive government regulations.

For years, USPIE Action has opposed government structured programs where state or federal funds are redirected back to parents in support of school choice because of the real potential for harm to private, Christian, and home schools due to government regulation.  Private and home school options exist primarily because of their ability to implement their vision of best practice education models.  Accepting funds from government entities has forced bad education practices into private and home schools, such as Common Core-aligned assessments, state-certified teachers whose world view often conflicts with the values of the community, and objectionable school operations policies.

USPIE Action believes the structure of this legislation maximizes the ability for parents to use their own money to pay to educate their children outside of government schools free from government regulations. This legislation provides an excellent source of model legislation for other states.

With this announcement, USPIE Action rescinds its 2019 support for the South Carolina P.A.C.E. Scholarship legislation.  USPIE Action believes this new legislation is a much better solution to facilitate parental choice.

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