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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

SC Loyalty Oath?

 Below is an Opinion Editorial written by Michael LaPierre:

Michael LaPierre
The South Carolina Loyalty Oath the continuing consolidation of RINO “establishment” power at the expense of true conservatism. 

The South Carolina Freedom Caucus is waging a bitter battle with those weak Republicans in the SC House who feel vulnerable to candidates who hold true conservative values. Why? 

Middle of the road Republicans who have turned South Carolina purple like Drew McKissick, Lindsey Graham, William Timmons, and other lower-level flunkies……. are desperately trying to hold onto power. They want to strangle conservative voices. 

They do not have the intellectual band width to stand toe-to-toe with REAL conservatives. They would rather cheat, lie, manipulate, coverup, and isolate.

They are much too comfortable negotiating and giving away the farm for another political donation. 

They fear a conservative takeover and are using any/all means at their disposal to shut out and shut down conservative voices. 

Over a year ago McKissick and his cronies tried isolating true conservatives. He called them crazy in the press, allowed changes to the SC GOP governing rules to shut down their voices, watched and said nothing as Nate Leupp manipulated an Officer election in Greenville County, oversaw the bastardization of the Republican Party Primary process (sent out a letter soliciting funds for Lindsey Graham in the primary), and now quietly sits by as his henchmen in the SC House do his dirty work. 

McKissick's Response: Crickets!

Nate Leupp has been right by McKissick's side every step of the way, until now. So, I am told. 

All of a sudden Leupp has decided to do the conservative 2-step and has "throw-in" with the SC Freedom Caucus on the Loyalty Oath controversy. 

What does this mean? Since Leupp has been attached at the hip with the RINO "establishment " for years, does this mean he is making a break with his boss, Drew McKissick? 

Has McKissick strategically blessed this departure or simply given Leupp a ceremonial wink and a nod because he knows the conservative nature of the Upstate Counties and it's about time for RE-ORG? 

Funny how RINOS get conservative just before an upcoming election.

In other words, has Drew given Leupp permission to hang out with his besties to SHOW (all of a sudden) that he is not an "establishment" RINO?

I believe that this is nothing more than Leupp throwing a bone to the SC Freedom Caucus to remain in power, stay in favor with Bible-belt personnel, and appease his employer. Money talks.

It is a slick and slimy way to lead Congressional District 4.

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