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Monday, January 2, 2023

Do You Know Who Represents You?

It always surprises me when people can't tell you WHO represents them on the Pickens County Council, or The School Board, or in Columbia, SC or even in Washington DC. I would say most CAN at least tell you who the President is.

Most voters can't tell you what voting district they are in either. And many don't even know what precinct they are in to go vote. 

Whose fault is that?  I hate to tell you, but it's your own fault. You need to be an informed voter... especially during these days and times!

I'm going to try and help you discover who actually represents you and WHO you need to be holding accountable for their voting record!

But it's up to you to save this information and memorize it! So, when legislation or an ordinance comes up that you are concerned about, you know WHO to hold accountable.

First, it's imperative for you to click on this link below and fill in your information and it will tell you the voting districts that you are in and where you go vote.

Then, you need to go to this link below and find out who your Pickens County Councilman is that matches your District. It will be either District 1 Clairborne Linville, District 2 Chris Lollis, District 3 Alex Saitta, District 4 Roy Costner, District 5 Chris Bowers, or District 6 Henry Wilson

Welcome to Pickens County, SC

Then, you need to go to the link below and find out who your School Board representative is based on the district you have found out you are in. It's confusing because there are 7 Districts in the School Board representation not just 6. But like I said that first link up above will tell you which Districts you are a part of.

School Board | School District of Pickens County

To know WHO represents you in Columbia, SC you then need to go to this link below and scroll to the bottom (see photo) and fill in your info and it will lead you to the name of your legislators. This link will also help you find their contact information and allow you to automatically send them an email if you wish to.

South Carolina Legislature Online (

Then finally, you can go to this link below and find who represents you in Washington D.C. 

YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW THEY ARE VOTING TOO!'s an added link that is helpful. It's the link to the Freedom Index Scores of your SC Legislators that tell you if they have a passing grade or not in protecting your Constitutional Rights and Freedom. You'll be surprised... or maybe not. But it's a great tool for seeing where your present SC Columbia representative scores. To know about how your county council is voting or how your school board member is voting you will have to either go to their meetings monthly or watch their videos or read the minutes from their previous meetings. They advertise these meetings on their websites and on Facebook. So, I suggest you follow them. Below are the SC Freedom Index scores for the good ole boys down in Columbia.

If you haven't already made a New Year's resolution...I think a great one would be to become an educated voter that is holding their elected accountable! A great way to do that is attend our Conservatives of the Upstate meetings held every third Thursday of each month at Cafe' Connections, 319 E. Main Street in downtown Pickens at 7 PM. Our next one is January 19th, 2023! And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram! Don't forget to check this website frequently as well!

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