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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Is It Really Banning Books?

Below is our COTU member Luke Campbell's speech given to the March 27, 2023 School District of Pickens County Board Members.

Special note:  There were approximately 5 Liberals who spoke to the board the same night about how children have a right to read anything they want to. So, if Luke had not given this speech, the Board would assume our community would not want them to ban any inappropriate book to be available for students. That's why it's important for Christian Conservatives to attend the School Board meetings and SPEAK OUT. 

"At the last few school board meetings, people have very eloquently talked about banning books, and how that’s a bad thing. In general, everyone’s going to agree on that. The problem is that talking about "banning books" completely misses the point ... the point is about content. 

This book, and others like it which some people say people are trying to “ban”, actually has destructive content; the content, in this case, is indoctrination using bald faced lies saying kids are ALL inherently racist, regardless of skin color ... other books have outright lies about the United States of America, and others have pornography. This is evil. 

In this book, (STAMPED) we have bald faced lies ... which is destructive to the person looking at it, and to the people around that person, family, spouse, and friends. 

Content is the issue, not “banning”. Banning is a subterfuge.

Now here’s the deal: There are 2 types of people who want to provide destructive things to school kids. One type either has the wrong set of priorities or puts so-called “banning” above content ... or ... they simply don’t know the evil content inside the book ... and all they know of is banning-banning-banning ... and these unknowledgeable people are simply minions of evil.

The second type of person wants the destructive content, and these people are just plain evil. Evil is defined by God, not man. I don’t have opinions about books like this, nor are my opinions of any value ... nor are any of yours. I’m not providing opinion here; I’m only stating fact. Evil exists, and it’s our job to keep it from our kids.

Evil has no place anywhere ... especially in schools.

School kids are not going to pick up a book like this from the library or a classroom shelf and look at the cover and then put it back ... they’re going to look at the content. The content is destructive; it harms those who get involved with it. 

THAT is the issue. Flowery words and eloquent descriptions about banning have nothing to do with the issue ... except to distract from the real purpose of books like this ... the sole purpose of which is to destroy. Now ... we have a phrase for harming kids and presenting them with destructive ideas and material, and I was reminded recently that this is called child abuse. We want to be on the opposite end of the pool from child abuse. Eliminate these destructive things from our kids’ reach."

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Citizens Speak Out to School District of Pickens County Board On Book Selections

Below is the speech citizen Kathleen Campbell presented on March 27, 2023, to the Pickens County School Board on how books schools choose can impact children's life forever. 

"In 1971 I attended a large high school in Cincinnati of over 3,000 students.  My English class that year was pushing 35 students with stadium seating much like an auditorium.  I sat at the back of the class so I could see everything that went on in the class.  My teacher was Mrs. Breneman. I liked her. I still remember the required reading from 9th grade, 50 years ago; Lord of the Flies.

Many of you know the book. I don’t want to give a book report, but I do want to share my impressions, impressions that made an impact in my life. I remember Mrs. B reading sections and then having discussions.  

I remember looking around the room at all the overweight students and their reaction as she read the description of Piggie.  Every single overweight student had their heads bowed looking down at their desks. It was so noticeable that I found it weird.  I remember listening and wondering how things could go so south so fast in these boys’ relationships, going from friendly, to sick, twisted, heinous behavior, resorting to parading a human head on a stick and even cannibalism.  

I remember that this was the first time I heard the term “survival of the fittest” and although I had no knowledge of God, I never saw the behavior as one of “nature.”  And definitely not something to desire. 

The actions in this book were baseless, violent and motivated by fear.  I do not remember one redeeming attribute of the book and if I learned anything it was that humans are pitiful. This book was inappropriate for a 9th grader.   I have never read a novel since.  This is the impact that Lord of the Flies made on me. 

Fast forward 50 years. We have 1st grade teachers reading books about 2 mommies, under the premise that all family structures are the same.  This is totally confusing to a child, and coming against the structure of the traditional, God designed family. You have demonstrations in 5th grade on how to put on a condom, and in 9th grade books graphically describing every sex act known to man with erotica.  These books are inappropriate. This sexualization of children is child abuse and must stop.

I end with these words, not my words, but God’s Words from 

Philippians 4:8

“Whatever is true, whatever honorable, whatever is right, whatever pure, whatever lovely, whatever of good report, if of any virtue, and if of any praise, think on these things.”

I appeal to your logic and your spiritual side, the Holy Spirit that lives in you to stand in the gap for the innocence of our children and for righteousness.

Also, right now, you have a decision to make. The state of Florida is now using the Hillsdale College Civics Curriculum.  Please, take a breath, do not jump on this McGraw Hill curriculum and consider the Hillsdale 1776 civics curriculum."

For the next several posts on this website, we will be posting the other speeches given to the School Board by our Conservatives of the Upstate members at this past meeting where the board was considering textbook adoptions. 

Even if you aren't comfortable speaking to the school board, you can attend and applaud when our speakers speak on important issues that matter. We had nearly 20 of our members in all in attendance. Numbers do matter folks! The next School Board meetings will be held on Monday April 24th and Monday May 22 at 6 pm. You can find more info at this link: School Board | School District of Pickens County

We made a huge impact. If we had not been there, all they would have heard from was liberals who think ALL books are acceptable for young minds.

COTU has had several victories lately in the spiritual warfare going on for children's minds.

We had a great victory at this school board meeting, and the board decided to postpone the selection of the Civics textbooks to give parents more time to look over these selections for evidence of leftist indoctrination. If you are interested in helping Conservatives of the Upstate protect children from age-inappropriate books and curriculum and want to make a positive difference in our community on issues, please contact...

Johnnelle Raines


Sunday, March 26, 2023

School District of Pickens County Board Meeting March 27, 2023

 On Monday, March 27th the SDPC School Board will meet. To learn more click this link:

If you can and if you should be there.

Several of our members will be speaking about their concerns. Please come and support them in their efforts to stand in the gap in this spiritual warfare going on for children's souls within our government run school systems.  

Below is the speech leadership team member Johnnelle Raines will be giving to the board...

     Johnnelle Raines

Leftist academia are not really interested in "equity and inclusion” or else they would allow the opposing conservative political ideology in lesson plans for students and teacher training programs.

This school district needs to be more inclusive and vigilant in the choices you are making when it comes to curriculum and teacher training.

Leftism favoritism is showing lately...Case in point.... 

Last year's Unity Program at Pickens Middle School led by hired leftist Adrienne Young where originally white students couldn't participate but parents had to protest to get that changed. Ms. Young still preceded to praise her leftist political leaders in her speech to students. When will our district hire a conservative to speak to students?  

Another case in point, this recent teacher professional development given to our teachers by the leftist woke company “Solution Tree”. When will you hire a conservative company to lead teacher training

Another case in point, this recent participation of Pickens Middle School in the Ron Clark Amazing Shake Competition. I researched Ron Clark's background and listened to the political debate questions put forth for students to speak on. Those questions were geared toward leftist ideology as well. When will you allow students to participate in a conservative leaning debate competition?

Another case in point, textbooks you are considering tonight. Studies show most ALL major publishing companies lean to the left. How many of you on this board even looked for evidence of indoctrination in these proposed textbooks... But yet you'll raise your hand and rubberstamp their approval.  Why not consider adopting Hillsdale College's Civics curriculum?

Another case in point...we wouldn't have to remove indoctrinating books or soft porn books if they weren't ordered in the first place. Does anyone research the purchases ahead of time?  

Taxpayers in SC have spoken with their conservative votes. Our legislators are working hard to stop this leftist indoctrination taking place, ...are you?  

YOU SHOULD BE researching the companies, speakers and books BEFORE you hire and BEFORE you spend our money. It's not hard to research with today's technology to see just WHO you are paying to indoctrinate the students' minds. 

 I thank God for teacher informants who contact me or else I wouldn't even know. ...but isn't it a tragedy these teachers fear speaking up to you?

 The Bible says, seek and ye shall find.  Please seek more truth on WHO and WHAT you are spending OUR taxpayer money on."

Friday, March 17, 2023

You Tube Video Available on Candidate David Harrison for Sheriff of Pickens County SC

You can find out more about Officer Harrison on his campaign website here: 

FAQs – David Harrison for Pickens County Sheriff (

Candidate David Harrison was our guest speaker recently and we have downloaded his speech and question/answer section of the meeting to You Tube… 

It’s in Part 1 and Part 2 …

I’m not sure why in the middle of first video my cell phone stopped videoing, but it did! 

So, I had to push the button to resume video. I apologize for my lack of techno savvy but hopefully you can learn more about David Harrison’s candidacy and why he’s running for the position.

If you know of another candidate who is planning on throwing their hat in the ring for Sheriff, please let us know so we can invite them to speak at one of our meetings.

Several months ago we had candidate Tommy Blankenship who has announced he will be running as well. 

Hopefully, closer to election time we can host a debate between all candidates running for this most important elected position in our county as it is our last line of defense from a totalitarian Federal Government.

Here are the links to his speech this past COTU meeting held on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 20th at Cafe' Connections, 219 E. Main Street, downtown Pickens SC at 7PM. Come join us!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023


A Call to Action has been issued by Evan Newman, the State Freedom Caucus Network State Director of South Carolina... plus Conservatives of the Upstate want to issue a call to action based on a LGBTQ agenda that's taking place as well.

This week, the House will be dealing with H.3014, better known as the Hate Crimes Bill.
While many Republicans and Democrats have signed on to support this bill, I urge you to contact your rep and ask them to vote no for the following reasons: 
First, this bill is an attack on traditional families, institutions, and faith-based charities. The bill redefines “sex” in South Carolina Law to extend to transgender individuals, as well as any individual who identifies along the LGBTQ+ spectrum. This bill could have dangerous results for institutions of faith who support the traditional family by opening them up to innumerable and unending lawsuits from unhinged leftists. 
Over the past 20 years, the Federal Government has consistently grown its role in policing the daily lives of taxpayers. This bill will have a similar result. A judicial system that is known by many to be corrupt in conjunction with a culture controlled by woke leftist propaganda will now have in law the right to determine based on thoughts and feelings the reason an individual commits a crime. It’s a dangerous expansion of thought policing.

As many of you have probably become aware, America has an existential threat in the form of ESGs (Environmental Societal Governance). ESGs, if you are not familiar, are social justice, woke left credit scores that many large corporations claim they must have in order to be successful. These ESG scores will destroy small businesses, elevate costs for consumers, and ultimately bypass the legislative process to enact the Green New Deal. 

South Carolinians should have a problem with ESGs. The main proponents of this bill are massive multinational corporations who aim to satisfy their ESG masters by passing this bill. These same large companies enjoy hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare while demanding that we adopt their secular, leftist values. 

Make no mistake, passage of this bill sends a message that South Carolina is not serious about the dangerous reality ESGs pose.

It has come to COTU's attention via one of our members that a leftist group named SC UNITED FOR JUSTICE AND EQUITY will be lobbying our legislators on education, healthcare, and marriage this week. So please mention in your email you are against any legislation that furthers their agenda on grooming  children, and attacking Christian values and beliefs. You can read more on this group's agenda at this link: 

YOU CAN Send ONE email to all House Reps to tell them you oppose the HATE CRIME Legislation via this link:

Thank you members for your time and effort to keep  SC and Pickens County the most conservative place to live and work. 


Saturday, February 25, 2023

Truth and Lies in American Education Film Viewing Chance in Easley, SC


We are so excited to announce this event!

This is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in what is going on in our government run education system!

We regret however, that it is limited to 50 people, and you 

MUST RSVP by texting GiGi at 530-448-3010.  

The event will take place on:

Tuesday March 7th
at Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Library in Easley which is located:

304 Biltmore Rd
Easley, SC 29640

The viewing will be in the conference room immediately to the right upon entering the main entrance.


Sunday, February 12, 2023

Parental Choice in Education SC Senate Bill 519 Gets Support from USPIE


2023-2024 Bill 519: Income tax credit - South Carolina Legislature Online (

Below is the press release by United States Parents Involved in Education in support of Sen. Rex Rice's S 519 which seeks to give parents tax credits for choosing the school of their choice which is not a government run public school. 

Please contact YOUR SC Senator in SC and tell them you want them to sign on as a co-sponsor of this legislation. You can send an automated email to ALL SC SENATORS by clicking this link and simply stating. " Please sign on as a sponsor of Senate Bill 519. Click here: 

South Carolina Legislature Online - Send Message (

U.S. Parents Involved in Education Action (USPIE Action) announces their support for South Carolina’s Tax Credits for Parental Choice in Education bill S. 519.  USPIE Action is pleased to be a participant in structuring legislation to maximize the freedom of parents to direct the education of their children while limiting the potential for intrusive government regulations.

For years, USPIE Action has opposed government structured programs where state or federal funds are redirected back to parents in support of school choice because of the real potential for harm to private, Christian, and home schools due to government regulation.  Private and home school options exist primarily because of their ability to implement their vision of best practice education models.  Accepting funds from government entities has forced bad education practices into private and home schools, such as Common Core-aligned assessments, state-certified teachers whose world view often conflicts with the values of the community, and objectionable school operations policies.

USPIE Action believes the structure of this legislation maximizes the ability for parents to use their own money to pay to educate their children outside of government schools free from government regulations. This legislation provides an excellent source of model legislation for other states.

With this announcement, USPIE Action rescinds its 2019 support for the South Carolina P.A.C.E. Scholarship legislation.  USPIE Action believes this new legislation is a much better solution to facilitate parental choice.

Learn more at

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Thursday, February 16th COTU meeting...Come Join Us!

Our next COTU (Conservatives of the Upstate) meeting will take place at our usual venue, Cafe' Connections, 319 E. Main Street downtown Pickens at 7 PM on Thursday Feb. 16th. We will be hearing from Jaque Bruce about the role of the Pickens County GOP (Republican party) in our fight to remain the most conservative county in SC and the purpose of the upcoming March reorganization meeting. The Pickens GOP website can be found at this link...

We also will be giving you updates from the newly formed Moms 4 Liberty group ... and we will be discussing the status of the SC Freedom Caucus conflict with the Republican Caucus in Columbia and how we can help them as well as updates from any of our members on issues that may need action on our part.

We strive for our meetings to be informative and motivating with action items for you to KEEP PICKENS COUNTY THE MOST CONSERVATIVE county in SC. And South Carolina the REDDEST state in the USA. 

 A survey will be made available for you to fill out with your input about our COTU monthly meetings which will help us improve.

Below is a link to a Rumble video that is a must watch if you have not already viewed it. This gal nails it!
She articulates what is really going on better than anyone I have ever heard! 


Follow us on twitter @COTUleadership
Follow us on Telegram @

Next school board meeting will take place: 
Monday, February 27th at 5:30 PM

For more information, please contact Rosanne Morris, Secretary to the Superintendent and Board Clerk at:


Make sure you sign up for notifications of changes to the School Board meetings and their agenda for the meetings by clicking this link:

Don't forget we pray EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY... EVERY WEEK at the Pickens County Courthouse for our city, county, state and country at 9:30 AM! 

We also meet up EVERY THURSDAY morning for community prayer at Cafe' Connections at 9 AM and a Women's Bible Study follows that prayer time. If you are interested in the Women's Bible Study, please contact Kathleen Campbell @ 864-586-0857

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Make This SC Education Senate Bill S424 Happen!


Senator Brian Adams, Republican - Berkeley District 44 - Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester Counties 

On January 19th education legislation was pre-filed by SC Sen. Brian Adams of District 44. 

Folks, there is no doubt in my mind THIS IS THE LEGISLATION our state of South Carolina desperately needs to be passed and signed by the Governor asap!

Below is a 10-point summary of this legislation written by a concerned SC parent and child advocate who has experienced firsthand the destructive nature of woke ideology in our schools and workplaces. He wishes to remain anonymous. Kudos to concerned citizens like this one who help to get the ball rolling on making sure a legislator files good legislation with teeth to hold our education system accountable.

This is a 10-point summary of bill S.424 "South Carolina Integrity in Education Act". It is the most comprehensive, robust, and fair bill dealing with indoctrination in state-funded schools. Its premise is simple: If you want to push discriminatory ideology on others, then you may not use State taxpayer money to do it.

1. LEGAL GROUNDING: The bill bases its arguments on rights enshrined in our founding documents and the Civil Rights Act. This is important because any such bill has to withstand court challenges.
2. USE OF CONCEPTS: Since labels and definitions of ideologies constantly evolve, the bill instead addresses discriminatory concepts and their implementation, focusing on principles of human dignity on which we all agree.
3. NON-PARTISAN: It addresses ideologies from both sides of the political spectrum, not just CRT.
4. FOCUSED ON EDUCATION (Early Childhood through Higher Ed)
Captures all State-Funded Educational Entities (SFEE) receiving State funds or grants, directly or through intermediaries:
• Public, charter, or private childcare, schools, and higher learning
• Providers of instructional or training materials
• Providers of books and media content, surveys, screenings, etc.
• Accreditation or licensing entities
• “Oversight Authorities” (State or local agencies, school boards, school authorizers, board of directors, or entities having administrative oversight)
• Critical Race Theory (DEI, Anti-racism, Culturally Responsive Teaching, SEL, etc.)
• Sexualization of children (Comprehensive Sex Ed, SEL, inappropriate and obscene materials, etc.)
• Conducting psychological interventions (SEL, counseling, etc.)
• Invasion of student and family privacy; withholding information from parents
• Gender ideology and Queer Theory (pronouns, non-binary, etc.)
• Compelled speech
• Historical revisionism; presenting unproven claims or theory as fact
• Promotion of social or political causes
6. TRANSPARENCY: To ensure transparency, it requires all places of learning to make their curricula and list of instructional materials available to parents and the public.
7. ENFORCEMENT: Establishes a clear protocol for enforcement and corrective action:
• Starts with local school entity (Principal or school Head))
• Appeal to Oversight Authority (School Board, Authorizer, etc.)
• Appeal to State Attorney General, who reviews and files claim in court. Court decides.
• If violation is determined, 20% of funding is forfeited until compliance is demonstrated.
8. THIRD PARTIES: Requires that all Federal or third-party funding, resources, materials, etc. are subject to the same compliance with this law.
9. RIGHT TO OPT-OUT: Parents and students have a right to opt-out of instruction they believe violates the law (unless a court determines that the matter does not violate it).
10. RIGHT TO PRIVATE LEGAL ACTION: Complainant has rights to pursue private legal action and have court fees paid if they prevail.

The filed bill legislative summary is as follows:

You can find the entire text of the legislation at this link: 

Folks, WE NEED YOU to contact ALL the SC SENATORS in Columbia and tell them you would like to see THEIR name as a co-sponsor of this legislation. Find your legislator at this link and call or email them asap!  SC parents and children are depending on YOU to make this legislation come to fruition as law! Here's the link to contact ALL SC SENATORS in one easy email: South Carolina Legislature Online - Send Message (

We also need a SC House Member to draft a companion bill to get the ball rolling in the House!  Contact your SC House Member and ask them to take a look at this legislation and ask them if they would be willing to draft that companion bill needed. You can find your SC House Representative and email them at this link: South Carolina Legislature Online - Member Biography (



Thursday, January 19, 2023

Do We Really Need a Hate Crime Bill?


An opinion article written by Conservatives of the Upstate member Steve Haynie.

Pay attention!  South Carolina WILL get a "thought crimes" law if we don't tell our SC legislators we don't need or want this. In order to prove you committed a hate crime, the courts would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what the violent person was thinking before they acted. That's why I prefer to call it the "thought crimes" law.

We need to read this legislation carefully and keep up with the status of this legislation titled,

 " Clementa C. Pinckney Hate Crimes Act" at this link:


In the last legislative session, a similar bill was introduced in the House, but didn't pass

through the Senate before the end of the legislative session. 

Last year, (2021-2022 session) there were 10 Republicans who co-sponsored the bill with 33 Democrats.  

When it came time to vote for the bill 41 Republicans joined 38 Democrats to pass the bill on its second reading (when a bill really passes).  

There were only 43 Democrats in the SC House in the 2021-2022 session.  

On third reading 29 Democrats were joined by 42 Republicans to send the bill to the Senate.  Republicans were in the majority and outnumbered Democrats nearly 2 to 1 in the House at the time of the vote and only 29 Republicans voted against that bill. 


Now on to this session of 2022-2023 where it has been filed again...Who were the first two Republicans to jump in as co-sponsors this time around? 

The answer is, Pickens County Representatives Neal Collins and Jerry Carter.  

Of the six who recently added themselves to this present session bill as co-sponsors, 5 were Republicans. Based on the past session, I believe more Republicans will be jumping on the bandwagon. 


Did you or anyone you know in the Republican Party call up their Republican legislator to demand this "thought crime" bill be introduced?  Do our Republican House actually think that this legislation is what Republican voters are concerned with? 


Will this new "thought crimes" law be applied with “equity” and "inclusion" in prosecution and conviction for those crimes, or will we see the law applied unjustly based on skin color of the victim?


Ask yourself this question, if the arrest and conviction rate under the "thought crime" law requires not applying it to certain skin color perpetrators in order to make the numbers less noticeable for certain ethnic groups. Does that not mean enforcement is arbitrary rather than principled? Should we have laws on the books that can be disregarded for appearances sake?


Another important question to ask yourself is, at what point will the "thought crime" law be amended to include loosely defined "hate speech" which runs contrary to our First Amendment right of free speech?  

Will we not be allowed to make statements about illegal migrants coming across our Southern border because those statements might be considered hate? Will pedophiles, now euphemistically called "minor attracted persons" one day be protected from "hate speech."  

Never forget in the minds of those who push these "thought crime" laws, Christian Bibles contain hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQI + population. 

Federal "hate crime" laws already exist. The added redundancy of similar state laws would only be virtue signaling by Republican politicians in our state. 




Tuesday, January 17, 2023

SC Loyalty Oath?

 Below is an Opinion Editorial written by Michael LaPierre:

Michael LaPierre
The South Carolina Loyalty Oath the continuing consolidation of RINO “establishment” power at the expense of true conservatism. 

The South Carolina Freedom Caucus is waging a bitter battle with those weak Republicans in the SC House who feel vulnerable to candidates who hold true conservative values. Why? 

Middle of the road Republicans who have turned South Carolina purple like Drew McKissick, Lindsey Graham, William Timmons, and other lower-level flunkies……. are desperately trying to hold onto power. They want to strangle conservative voices. 

They do not have the intellectual band width to stand toe-to-toe with REAL conservatives. They would rather cheat, lie, manipulate, coverup, and isolate.

They are much too comfortable negotiating and giving away the farm for another political donation. 

They fear a conservative takeover and are using any/all means at their disposal to shut out and shut down conservative voices. 

Over a year ago McKissick and his cronies tried isolating true conservatives. He called them crazy in the press, allowed changes to the SC GOP governing rules to shut down their voices, watched and said nothing as Nate Leupp manipulated an Officer election in Greenville County, oversaw the bastardization of the Republican Party Primary process (sent out a letter soliciting funds for Lindsey Graham in the primary), and now quietly sits by as his henchmen in the SC House do his dirty work. 

McKissick's Response: Crickets!

Nate Leupp has been right by McKissick's side every step of the way, until now. So, I am told. 

All of a sudden Leupp has decided to do the conservative 2-step and has "throw-in" with the SC Freedom Caucus on the Loyalty Oath controversy. 

What does this mean? Since Leupp has been attached at the hip with the RINO "establishment " for years, does this mean he is making a break with his boss, Drew McKissick? 

Has McKissick strategically blessed this departure or simply given Leupp a ceremonial wink and a nod because he knows the conservative nature of the Upstate Counties and it's about time for RE-ORG? 

Funny how RINOS get conservative just before an upcoming election.

In other words, has Drew given Leupp permission to hang out with his besties to SHOW (all of a sudden) that he is not an "establishment" RINO?

I believe that this is nothing more than Leupp throwing a bone to the SC Freedom Caucus to remain in power, stay in favor with Bible-belt personnel, and appease his employer. Money talks.

It is a slick and slimy way to lead Congressional District 4.

Sunday, January 15, 2023


If you believe in having YOUR voice represented at the Republican legislator's table ...Your help is needed asap. THEY WILL BE VOTING SOON ...maybe this coming week! 

Please contact the Republican House Caucus lawmakers and tell them to oppose the removal of any SC Freedom Caucus member. Ways to contact them are listed below.

 Read the below article to understand why we need to contact the SC House Republican Caucus.

Look at the goals of the SC House Republican Caucus below. Clearly the SC Freedom Caucus members agree with their goals!  

So, why are they denying them a seat at the table? The problem is that the oath (rules) that require members to sign are actually limiting the rights of our elected representatives who belong to the SC Freedom Caucus. They don't want to give up their right to endorse better candidates in the next election cycle. 

Ask yourself, why are the Republican Leadership wanting our duly elected representatives to sign a document stating they swear loyalty to an incumbent who might be voting against the goals set? 

Why can't an elected Republican representative hold their colleagues accountable by endorsing a better candidate?

Is this a strong-arm tactic to keep the status quo in place and protect incumbents who might be a RINO/Centrist? 

Preventing the SC Freedom Caucus members into the SC House Republican Caucus just because they refuse to swear loyalty to an incumbent in an election year is questionable cronyism. This is wrong. Our elected representatives should be able to support any Republican who files to run against and challenge a present Republican that they wish to support. All elected Republicans need to be able to hold their colleagues accountable for their voting record.
SC House Republican Caucus Agenda

Call, or email or “MESSAGE” THE SC REPUBLICAN CAUCUS AND TELL THEM YOUR THOUGHTS. (Suggested message can be found below.)

Here's their Facebook Page link to private message the Republican Caucus:

Here is a suggested message to send: 

“Do not vote to prevent the SC Freedom Caucus members a seat at the table in your deliberations. They too believe in your push for economic prosperity, education reform, limited government, personal freedom, and law and order.
They too are committed to introducing and supporting legislation in the upcoming session that will elevate our state by focusing on each of these tenets! To deny them membership is an assault on the millions of constituents who voted them into office! WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU."

Thank you to all who do follow through and contact the House Republican Caucus,
Leadership COTU