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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November 2022 Newsletter from COTU

 Happy Fall to All! And Happy Thanksgiving! 

Let's begin our newsletter with a prayer,

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you at this hour to praise your Holy Name and recognize that YOU alone are our source of freedom. YOU want all of us to be free from slavery to sin. We profess our sins to You Dear Lord and believe You will forgive us as long as we profess them with sincerity. Our elections are on our minds Dear Lord, and we ask that you motivate our citizens to vote according to Your will. We know that Your will is the best will for us. Our hearts want Godly men in leadership positions Lord, we ask you to bless this upcoming election and provide us with that Godly leadership in all positions.  Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, Amen.

Folks, you have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday left to vote early, after that the only time left to vote is Thursday November 8th. Times the following places are open to you voting early are from 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM. The early voting is at 3 locations, 222 McDaniel Ave, Pickens at the Main Elections Office, 304 Biltmore Rd, Easley at the Hampton Library, and 105 Commons Way, Central at the Clemson Library.  You can view your sample ballot ahead of time at
A meme I saw on social media the other day made me laugh out loud..."even dead people vote...surely you can get up and go vote!" LOL

Special THANK YOU to all our members who have gone out door to door to help get those Godly men elected, or who have donated to their campaigns. If you are interested in doing sign waving for a Godly candidate, please respond to this email. We need volunteers! 

Below I have listed important dates this Month which give you an opportunity to be informed as to what is going on in our county, state, and nation:

1. November 7th at 6:30 PM at the Administrative Complex located 222 McDaniel will be the regularly scheduled County Council meeting which also allows PUBLIC INPUT. You can sign up ahead of time to speak about any concerns or praises you wish to let our elected know about. Call Meagan the Clerk to County Council to sign up @ 864-898-5856 (or you can sign up when you get there if you get there before 6:30)

2. NOVEMBER 8th.... GO VOTE! if you don't know where...
call the Elections Office @ 864-898-5637.  Important decisions are being made and don't forget it's not just State positions that matter...Local School Board Seat matters... County Council Seat matters...we have a great opportunity to get true conservatives in those positions.

3. November 17th is our monthly COTU meeting! Candidate for an upcoming election for Sheriff Tommy Blankenship will be our guest speaker. As you know Sheriff is A VERY IMPORTANT election, as they are the last line of defense for our Constitutional Rights. So please bring a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a church member with you to hear his stances on issues and ask your questions.
We also will hopefully hear a report from volunteers who selected a book to read that was on a list of possible inappropriate books in our schools to see if we need to file a form with our School Board to object to its use in the curriculum.
Tommy Blankenship for Sheriff.JPG

4. November 28 is the next School Board Meeting to be held at the Board's meeting room located at 1348 Griffin Mill Rd, Easley, SC 29640... WE ENCOURAGE YOU to speak up and praise the school board for their recent decision to remove the book STAMPED from the curriculum. As you know... almost 20 speakers fussed at them at the last meeting for making that we need to show them WE ARE PROUD of their vote!  Also, there are plenty of other books that are on the slate in the months ahead for the board to consider removing from the curriculum, so we need to stay informed!  If you will speak...we do have a reward for you!  See photo of this hat you can receive for taking the time to talk to our school board. We only have the first 3 to sign up and speak will get one! You should arrive by 5:45 to sign up to speak. You CANNOT call ahead to sign up. If you are interested in speaking, please respond to this email as soon as possible. 

5. EVERY SINGLE DAY... check our website ( ) and social media accounts! ( We are on Facebook, MeWe, Gab, Twitter)  We post important articles for you to read.  And now that Elon is in charge on Twitter we have a better chance of not getting deleted or censored.  For those of you who are on know Johnnelle's Facebook page was deleted...but thanks to our member Ken Butt, she has a chance to post relevant articles for us to read. 

6. EVERY SATURDAY... we pray at the Pickens Courthouse at 9:30 AM.

We won't be meeting in the month of December, as we reserve that month to honor our Lord and Savior and spend time with our families and friends...but I will be sending out a newsletter for December to inform you of any important issues that affect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
Our next scheduled meeting will be JANUARY 19, 2023... if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise!

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