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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Alcohol Sales on Sunday in Pickens County Referendum

This Tuesday, March 1, 2022, our Pickens County Council have on the agenda to discuss the First Reading in Title only of an ordinance
for a referendum to take place regarding Sunday alcohol sales in our county.

Isn't the number one job of our county government to keep citizens safe?

Will allowing more hours for people to purchase alcohol keep us a safer community? Aren't there enough hours in a week that those who want to drink alcohol can do so?

Will allowing our county to sell alcoholic beverages on another day of the week produce better citizenry?

According to a Mayo Clinic article, excessive drinking can reduce people's judgement skills, lower their inhibitions, lead to poor choices and even dangerous situations and behaviors such as:

1. driving accidents
2. domestic violence
3. violent crimes
4. increasing likelihood of other substance abuses
5. sexual abuse, rapes and risky sexual behaviors
6. increased suicide attempts

(See link below)

Who is lobbying our county council to put this to a vote? Why are they wanting this referendum now?  Which councilmen are pushing this ordinance?

Is this all about more money profits for alcoholic beverage vendors?
Doesn't the Bible warn us that the root of all evil is the love of money? (1 Timothy 6:10)

Is it about keeping our citizens better supplied with alcoholic beverages 7 days a week which would most likely impair their thinking critically and making better judgements?

There are already 6 days a week that people have the freedom to purchase alcoholic beverages throughout our county and there are already cities within our county who have passed ordinances allowing the purchase of alcoholic beverages on Sunday. But we need to add the Lord's Day?  Doesn't the Ten Commandments say for us to Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy?

Bottom line, do you think adding another day of the week for people to purchase alcoholic beverages is in the best interest of our safety as a community? Do you think this will please God? 

How will each of our county council members vote on this referendum at the next election opportunity? You should ask. If they are in favor of adding another day of selling alcohol on Sunday, you need to know this. Ask them.

How can anyone with good critical thinking skills think that allowing more hours in a week to purchase alcoholic beverages make our community safer for our children and community? 

Clearly, those who think increasing the number of hours anyone can purchase alcoholic beverages should not be re-elected. 

How many DWI cases, domestic violence cases, rape cases, child abuse cases, suicides and violent crimes will increase as a result of increasing the number of hours a week people can purchase alcohol?

Our council members should be passing ordinances that keep us a safer community not ordinances that could cause us to be a less safe community.


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