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Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Rubber Stamping School Board Is At It Again

Dear Editor,

The School District of Pickens County 2021-2022 Budget calls for a tax increase.'s just a “little one”. No more than a Chic-Fil-A sandwich according to one school board member. Seems like the last time it was just a “little one” too more than a pizza. Next time will it be just a “little one” and no more than a candy bar? Wonder how many other taxes we already pay started out as just a “little one.”  

We are already taxed too much in our county as evidenced by our library system having 3 MILLION sitting in their reserves at the end of the budget year. Not to mention our state gas tax fund sitting on over $500 million and our County Council “rainy day” reserves are way more than actually recommended by the Government Finance Officers Associations.

From what I've read our school district has GAINED over $1 million in revenue and additionally received $40 million from Federal Stimulus programs and their spending habits have been raised to a whopping $136 million which comes out to a $13 million increase in just four years by this rubber stamping board.

Do schools EVER get enough money out of the poor taxpayer? Are we getting a return on that investment? Will just a “little” more tax increase be the magic bullet to get students educated? And let's don't forget student enrollment is down according to their figures and that's because parents are choosing other options such as home educating, online schools, and private schools. Why are parents pulling their students out? If our schools were doing a great job they wouldn't be. But....”it's just a “little more” taxes they want from us...just a Chic-Fil-A sandwich. Sheesh! More spending doesn't equal better student outcomes and that's a proven fact.

Join us for a tax protest, bring your NO TAX HIKE signs to the School District's Central Services Office located at 1348 Griffin Mill Rd on June 4, 2021 at 7:45 am before the School Board meets at 8am to rubber stamp this tax hike. See you there!
Johnnelle Raines
Leadership Team COTU

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