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Sunday, April 12, 2020

An Easter Message While Practicing Liberty

I think Trump is now handling the Covid 19 (aka Corona Virus) well. He wasn’t at first.

This said, I wish leaders would get on TV - instead of saying “happy togetherness” messages - tell everybody (remind them) of what liberty truly means. 

Define it. 

Give an example of what to do.

I want a leader somewhere to say, “I’m asking you, I’m begging you to stay home as best you can.”

Liberty is hard to keep.

It means you do what you want to as long as you don’t directly OR indirectly harm another. It is the truest definition of loving your brother.

Then, I want a leader to say something that isn’t popular:

“I’ll take your liberty away from you if you don’t follow stay at home orders issued by your local governments and for that I’m truly saddened if that comes to be.”

I like that orders are being left to states and local governments in the USA. We have a pretty strict lockdown in my city, but I’d say less than 20% are following it.

I went to the local home improvement store with a mask and gloves yesterday. I had needs for a new home I just purchased and moved into. My wife and I decided to do a container garden as a source of food during this. (We garden anyway but decided to save $$ and just do buckets on our back porch this year.) I got that and some important things I needed. At the store, maybe 10% were wearing masks or gloves. The store was crowded. Most people were just walking in the store and not buying essentials. The store had social distancing marks at checkout and were only allowing a dozen at a time in certain areas. The intercom would come on every five minutes and remind shoppers of getting through this together and to practice social distancing. It disturbed me greatly - I mean saddened me almost to the point of tears that so many were not taking this seriously and not practicing their liberty. 

I have found that the one concept the founding fathers of the USA 🇺🇸 wanted was “liberty” - so much so that George Washington’s 1st order as President was to create our monetary system. To make each piece of money legal & tender to spend, the money/coin has to have the word “Liberty” on it. (It used to apply to stamps too.)

Everyone that signed the constitution loved it!
 (It was Benjamin Franklin’s idea.)

Although I am sad we don’t have gutsy leaders asking for the near impossible - I am more sad that leaders are stopping church parking lot services or stopping people at random to ask them if they are doing something essential. I am sad that businesses have been “determined essential or non-essential” by the government.

If I had a private business that required foot traffic - I’d be livid right now if I was told I had to shut down - even if I figured out a way to serve my customers safely.

Now, on a slightly different note. 

I’m taking this just as serious as if this were the plague. I don’t want it. I don’t want my family to get it. I don’t want to show others that I’m not trying my best to practice my own “liberty”. I’m an “out and about person”. I love being out and about. I go to flea markets and thrift stores A LOT -to buy unique things, things for my hobbies, and things to resale. I’m voluntarily giving that up.

↑ that said. I don’t think this thing is “that horrible”. It’s proven to me that:

1) This was bio-engineered in China - likely as a test run for something else.

2) This is also being socially engineered by China and most of the press is falling for it. I have seen a very reliable source detail how it has an unnatural structure that cannot occur in nature. 

3) Most of the information being disseminated about this is flat out wrong.

4) The lockdowns I think are going to end up killing even more due to suicide and possibly starvation.

5) This said. ↑ I think this is very serious but so is every flu season. The flu kills 100s of 1000s every year. Because of stay at home and social distancing - the flu is behind on its annual death toll this year.

6) It is a fact that WHO has directed hospitals to report anyone positive with Covid19 that dies, as a death FROM Covid 19. I think a majority of us have it at this point and I think just like some strains of the flu, most of us are naturally immune, had it and didn’t know it and or seen pneumonia and died.

Again, I take this seriously. I just think that as in World War II era Germany - governments love to come along and say how much they can help if you give them temporary powers. Anything temporary sets a precedent for something they can do again.

I’ll sum this up by saying Happy Easter. 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.”

Jesus  died on the cross. Was dead. He rose again to give humanity the gift of his love, free us from sin, be the example, and gave us the guidance to love others through the Holy Spirit.

God is such a leader that I ask for. In Revelation, God reveals that he is the leader that says, “I sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit  to guide you in your liberty, but there will be a day that I will end it because you wouldn’t listen.” 

Please listen to the voice of liberty in your head. It is the Holy Spirit. Please be the example that Jesus was. He was the personification of sacrifice for liberty.

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