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Thursday, February 6, 2020



WE the people who are members of various grassroots Christian Conservative groups are being vilified and called the bad guys by the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the RINOs  as of lately.

WE are being portrayed as white supremacists. terrorists, scrooges, islamaphobes, bigots, conspiracy theorists, anti-education, anti-government people and mouthpieces of hatred that are causing divisiveness in our country.

WE true Christian Conservatives are none of the above.

WE just want our elected officials to follow in our Founding Fathers footsteps and respect the Constitution they swore to protect and defend. And WE want to be one nation under GOD!

Folks, the real bad guys are the ones who want more of YOUR taxes and want YOU to believe WE are the bad guys.

THEY are the ones who are all on board with social justice and equal outcomes but not equal input.
THEY are the ones who are fine with Common Core cookie cutter standards.
THEY are the ones who are against Trump's Making America Great Again.
THEY are the ones against building a wall to protect our citizenry.
THEY are the ones against Trump's agenda to protect us from Islamic Terrorists.
THEY are the ones who are fine with promoting sin, abortion, and deviant lifestyles.
THEY are the ones who are elitist who think only Government elected officials know best.
THEY are the ones who are actively promoting socialism which leads to communism.
THEY are the ones who are fine with corruption in government.
THEY are the ones fine with ANTIFA threats, violence and rioting.
THEY get paid by George Soros to infiltrate and cause our Constitutional Republic to fail.

WE Christian Conservative grassroots groups fight tax hikes on behalf of all the people living in America who are below the poverty line and the others who are just barely above that line and teeter tottering on having to go on welfare.

WE are not anti-education at all.

We are for quality classical education standards and parental rights to direct their child's education.

WE want our tax dollars managed properly.

WE want transparency and not lies from our elected leaders.

WE are not terrorists and don't help fund them.

WE have not threatened to blow up any buildings or kill anyone.

WE are not scrooges; we are very giving people from all walks of life that genuinely care about people in need.

WE care about our county and its hard working families who are struggling to make ends meet and are living pay check to pay check.

WE want children to have a quality education but we don’t agree that throwing more money at the problem will solve it. We don't want our small rural school closed!

WE care about children and grandchildren being kicked out of their homes because their parents or grandparents can no longer afford to pay their property taxes.

WE care about deviant behavior being pushed on underage children in the name of tolerance.

WE are the little man’s voice.

WE give of our own free time and our own hard earned dollars to make sure all citizens have a voice not just the “elite.”

Why are WE doing this?

Because WE know the hard working citizens of our country are too busy working two jobs to speak up.

WE know families are too busy making sure their child does their Common Core homework to attend School Board meetings.

WE know families are too busy worrying about how they are going to pay their medical bills and medical insurance premiums to write letters to the editor.

WE know families are too busy worrying about those bald tires on their car to call their local School Board members.

WE know families are too busy scraping up pennies to go buy a gallon of milk and they can’t afford the gas to drive to our meetings.

WE know families are too busy worrying about the fact they may be the 307th foreclosure in their county and can’t help us go out in the cold weather to get signatures on a petition.

Folks… the reality is that any tax increase on “some” people may not be a problem at all.

However, many people are struggling to make ends meet, a tax increase will have a huge effect on their budget.

The Democrats and RINO's are the ones with a huge perception problem…they “feel” everyone can afford a tax hike.

WE the Christian Conservative Grassroots groups are all about protecting YOU the taxpayer!

WE know the reality of people living day to day.

WE don’t have a REALITY problem.

WE understand people are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and are at the breaking point!

So the next time you hear the main stream media criticize us Christian Conservative Grassroots groups.

Just know ...WE are not the bad guys…they are!

Ask yourself, “How can someone fighting for truth, justice and the American way be a bad guy?

Please consider joining our group in Pickens County SC named Conservatives of the can read about us at or you can find us by searching on Facebook and Twitter.

If you don't live in the Pickens County area, then join a local grassroots group in your county...or start one up! We can make a difference...don't let anyone tell you that you can't.

Our Conservatives of the Upstate next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 11th at 7pm at the Pizza Inn located on Ann Street in Pickens...hope to see you then! 

Written by Johnnelle Raines
COTU Leadership Team

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