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Friday, September 27, 2019

October 2019 COTU Meeting

Our next meeting will be held ...

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 @ 7pm.  
Coyote Coffee in Easley SC 
1035 South Pendleton St. 

You can call ahead if you want to call an order in early to be ready when you arrive. They have delicious beverages and food. Come a little early before meeting starts at 7pm. We try really hard to keep the meeting to an hour. Purchasing a beverage or meal keeps Coyote Coffee happy and we need to show our appreciation for them allowing us to meet there. We will have a microphone this time so all can hear our speakers better.

Don't forget that October 3rd is Bring Your Bible to School Day! I hope your child(ren) will participate and help bring more SALT AND LIGHT to the schools.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. David Jones who is running for the Commissioner of Easley Combined Utilities in the upcoming local elections for Easley. See the info he sent us for more information on Dr. Jones.

We also are hoping to hear from Freedom Action Network's Seth Powell on action items that we need to be helping accomplish and how you can financially help them be more effective than they already are!  They do a great job keeping us informed on what the Good Ole Boys are doing down in Columbia. I personally donate to their group monthly and I know they will appreciate any support you can give them to help with their activism in stopping all the corruption taking place that they try to hide and sweep under the carpet. learn more about FAN @

One of our members, Travis Garner has presented our Pickens County Council with a resolution to protect our second amendment rights and they have so far refused to take the resolution seriously. WE NEED THEM TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.  We have developed a Facebook poll to get enough YES votes to be able to present to council to show them the citizens of Pickens truly want them to step up to the plate and declare by resolution they will uphold the Constitution.
You can also vote here on this page to the right.

PLEASE share with your fellow neighbors and friends that live in Pickens: 

Here's the facebook link:

It is truly imperative that RED FLAG LAWS are not adopted in our state and our county council needs to affirm this! AND WE NEED LOTS OF YES VOTES ON THIS POLL

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