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Friday, May 31, 2019

Rescuing Our Children – And Our Nation”

Alex Newman's Tour “ Rescuing Our Children – And Our Nation.”

Alex Newman is well known in the grassroots' fight for quality education reform. His knowledge and expertise in sounding the alarms needed to parents and citizens are well respected. He holds a B.S. Degree in journalism from the University of Florida. He has also emphasized in his studies economics and international relations. He holds an A.A. Degree in foreign languages from Miami-Dade College.

Newman is a published author and writes extensively for “The New American” magazine. He also teaches Advanced Economics at Freedom Project Academy. His “Rescuing Our Children” tour presentation schedule in the South included Suwanee GA, Marietta GA, Spartanburg SC, Greenville SC, Greer SC,Columbia SC, Summerville SC, and Myrtle Beach SC. I had the opportunity to attend the Tuesday, May 21st 2019 tour presentation by Alex Newman at the Commerce Club in Greenville, SC and I was excited to finally meet and hear the man who I have been a fan of since 2010. And I was not disappointed. To say his presentation was an eye-opener is an understatement. He absolutely provided all the proof necessary to the audience to show how our nation's children absolutely need rescuing from the government run public schools of today.

From showing the disastrous results of how our children have been slowly but surely indoctrinated to the point that nearly half of millineals support a Socialist form of government to exposing the United Nations' hand in this global indoctrination agenda to forcing the LGBTQ agenda on impressionable name it, and our government schools are not just teaching the 3 R's any longer.

Right now, the government schools are systematically indoctrinating and dumbing down children, turning them against their parents, against families, against their churches, against our country, against our Constitution and our freedoms, and our Republic will not survive too far into the future if we allow this to continue.” Newman said.

It became painfully clear during his presentation there is a a war on for not only YOUR child's mind, but also their body and soul. Are parents going to allow the government to take over the rearing of children from birth to 20? Are we going to allow our God given parental rights to direct our own child's education to be usurped? With each new slide Newman presented on the screen he backed up his sources with words spoken by the people who have hijacked public education for their own globalist agenda of indoctrination not education. Newman made it clear now is the time to take urgent action to rescue children from this nefarious agenda. If after watching Alex Newman's presentation one was not alarmed, then they were either numb or dumb. The truth was laid out for all to see and the solution given. Question is will “ We the People” act on this informative presentation or just continue to give lip service and fret. 

The solution Alex Newman says lies in the hands of parents and concerned citizens. His belief is the time is past for trying to correct the course of government education and parents must seek a mass exodus from the government run schools. He does not believe that public schools can be reformed. Ultimately we need separation of school and state. He suggests parents seek out private schools that have been thoroughly vetted which do not adhere to the present Common Core, humanist, globalist agenda, or for parents to choose homeschooling your child. He suggested where there is a will there is a way and you could actually start your own community school based on a classical education. Many local churches are doing just that by offering up their Monday thru FridaySunday School classrooms to be used for such purposes. Freedom Project Academywill actually help you get one started in your local community!

His final words of wisdom are, “It is not too late to save liberty, America and the Western Christian civilization from utter destruction. But if it is going to be done, the time to act is now. With God's help, you have the power to do what needs to be done. Now use it, or lose it. Godspeed.”

Everyone who is interested in learning more about the TRUTH of what is going on in our government run public schools needs to seek a copy of his recent special report entitled “Rescuing Our Children: Special Report on Education”...and buy several extra copies to send to family, friends, neighbors, your church pastor, and your local school board members. You can purchase the special report here at this link:

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