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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Where Does the Buck Stop in YOUR Child's Education?

Who is ultimately responsible for quality education for your child? Who is the boss of Education in the United States?

Is it the United Nations? Is it the G20 Education Ministers which met Sept 5 of this year? Is it President Trump? Is it our elected legislators? Is it the US Dept of Education? Is it Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos? Is it the SC Dept of Education? Is it State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman? Is it the SC State Board of Education? Is it the SC Education Oversight Committee? Is it the National Education Association of teachers? Is it your Local School Board? Is it your County Superintendent of Education? Is it AdvancED? Is it the Chamber of Commerce? Is it Private/Public Partnerships? Is it your child's teacher? Great question. Do you know the answer?

Too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the soup...don't you think?

Actually where does the “buck stop” when it comes to accountability of education?

On September 5 , 2018, Thirty delegation members, including Betsy DeVos, met in Mendoza Argentina as part of G-20 Meeting of Education Ministers... the countries being represented may be viewed here:

The G-20 Ministers ultimately called for globalization of education, social and emotional learning, inclusiveness, more data collection on children from cradle to grave...lifelong learning. “They” are directing your child's education and setting policies that trickle down to YOUR child.

Their declaration actually states their policies are “in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda,” 

It states, “G-20 nations will work to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.’” 

Do you remember Trump's campaign promises to end Common Core and return education to local control? Has he been ignoring his pledge or has he just got the wrong advisers?

Where is Trump's “AMERICA FIRST” when it comes to public Education policies? He can't claim this mantra while at the same time allowing the United Nations to have any say so in public education policies!

These mandates that are coming from the United Nations undermines not only parents and states, but the fundamental sovereignty of the United States. 

Are you on board with GLOBALIZATION of your child's education and people from socialist countries deciding the direction of your child's education? What if you have an issue with what's taking place? WHO DO YOU CALL

The “buck stops” with YOU the parent. 

YOU need to take control back. YOU should start by contacting President Trump and letting him know that the United Nations should have NO say so in your child's education plan. Tell him to END COMMON CORE like he promised and end the US Dept of Education so local control can be returned to parents where it belongs.

by Johnnelle Raines

Pickens SC

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