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Friday, March 30, 2018

Hidden agenda to “tethering law” meeting?

“Licensing fees” may have been the hidden agenda behind this “town hall style” meeting.

One of Hiott’s biggest supporters are SC Veterinarians.

Remember, he wanted to pass a bill to ban mobile pet vaccination clinics a few years ago AFTER taking money from SC Veterinarians Group.y

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

House District 5 Debate Scheduled ...

Candidates running for SC House Seat 5 (Easley) will participate in a debate on April 26, 2018 at Tri County Tech in Easley, SC. Incumbent Representative Neal Collins will be participating.

1774 Powdersville Rd
Easley, SC 29642

Collins Thinks Children Are Just Cogs In A Wheel ..

Easley SC Rep Neal Collins’ House Bill 4596 that pushes CBE is proof he thinks children are human capital and are cogs in a wheel ...

His Competency Based Education legislation was passed by the SC House easily and is now in the Senate.

Could Competency Based Education be greatest thing since sliced bread? Could it be a disaster? Could it be the silver bullet SC needs to improve our rankings in educational achievement? Could it actually widen the gaps between the haves and have-nots in our counties? Could it make the children who daily struggle to give up on their dreams of being a doctor or lawyer or entrepreneur altogether? Could it be just the ticket to inspire children not to drop out of high school? Could it be the latest boondoggle band wagon that only makes those who want to data mine children rich while using children as guinea pigs?

Let me ask you this question... Who in their right mind would recommend an experimental drug on a child that has not been proven to be in the best interest of that child? Would the FDA approve a drug that has not had proven success? Who wants to approve the use Competency Based Education in k-12 with little to no concern for the possibility that this style of education could actually harm a child or have damaging unintended consequences?

I for one am tired of our teachers having to switch horses in the middle of the stream and take on a new educrat pushed agenda as the next fad in supposedly a quality education. It’s no wonder quality teachers are quitting and no one wants to enter the teaching profession anymore. Teachers are not being allowed to do what they were trained to do...and that is teach! They are being forced to take a back seat and only be facilitators of the educrat legislators” latest boondoggle education reform. Many of these legislators who passed this legislation haven’t ever taught or even been in a classroom for more than an hour, as well as the fact many legislators who passed this bill don’t even have a child of their own like Neal Collins.

Please educate yourself on the dangers of Competency Based Education and where it will lead us in SC. Call your SC Columbia Senator and tell him this Neal Collins bill who actually got kicked off the Education Committee is just another costly boondoggle which will not produce the outcomes needed in SC for public schools to improve...and in fact only serves the purpose of making children human capital and cogs in a wheel worker bees.

The North Korean Way For Education

Education is not the same thing as workforce training...unless; of course, you are a lover of Communist North Korea’s education model.  The people in North Korea have  NO freedom to choose their career. The government assigns people a job “they” decide you fit based on their research of how many people are needed in each industry.  

Are we as SC following this  direction of a Communist nation by going along with this SC House Bill 4596 on competency based education (CBE)? Will a job here in SC only  mean where you go to work following the government school order of where they want to place you according to testing data?

Students in North Korea cannot have any dreams about what they want to grow up to be. Sadly, the government run schools dictate what job they will have. Is this American children’s fate soon?

The original USA plan was to educate children to read, write and do arithmetic and know the Bible and the Constitution. It was thought then that children should have the necessary beginning skills to become a productive good citizen and be able to then chose their own dreams of what to pursue once graduated. Do we really want our tax supported SC government run schools in America selecting children’s careers based on  computer adaptive tests? These CBE tests to measure competency of a certain skill set  are data mining children and seeking  other data on their social emotional traits as well.  Parents must wake up and take over the direction of their child’s education and not be lazy and allow the state to tell your child what they will be when they grow up. 

There is an agenda in place in public schools now that is NOT about receiving a well rounded education to go out into the world and pursue the American Dream. 

There are teachers in our public schools as early as kindergarten telling parents during parent conference time that their child’s test scores indicate they are not college material and the parent should steer their child into a vocational job skill...such as a plumber. The day of data mining has arrived and is being used to actually select the government’s beliefs in what your child's chosen career should be. I have no problem if a child on his own decides to go into vocational training ...but to be told that is all you can aspire to be is criminal in my opinion and borders on psychological child abuse.

The sad thing is many parents trust the public school’s evaluation of their child and will be convinced their child should give up on their own aspirations and dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer or business entrepreneur.

Thus if we do not stop this CBE agenda going forward in our public schools today the child will only be given the knowledge the school system has decided they need to perform that career path...and sadly nothing more.  Then the public school will put them on a computer which is programmed to assess if they are ready to proceed to the next skill set necessary for their pre determined workforce assignment in life. 

The tragedy in this CBE workforce ready model our public schools are following is the fact that when  that particular  career they steered that child to pursue no longer exists when they  graduate... then what? You guessed it... they will have to go through an educational retraining for another skill set. 

Is this really what you want for our future, where children are molded and trained for specific skill sets and NOT given a well rounded education? 

Contact your SC Columbia Senator and say vote no on CBE legislation.

Never forget this quote:

"When training supersedes education, society dies"....C. S. Lewis. 

By Johnnelle Raines

Friday, March 16, 2018

Filing for elected office begins today in Pickens County ...

Partisan Candidate Filing Period:  Noon, March 16th through Noon, March 30th.

Citizens seeking a political party’s nomination to run as candidates for the following partisan offices file with the Board of Voter Registration and Elections of Pickens County:  State House of Representatives 3, 4, 5, and 10, Probate Judge, and County Council Districts 1 and 2.

Citizens seeking a political party’s nomination to run as candidates for the following partisan offices file with the SC State Election Commission:  Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, Adjutant General, Commissioner of Agriculture, U.S. House of Representatives District 3, and Solicitor Circuit 13.

Additional information is available at:

Summary of March 2018 COTU Meeting ...

Thank you to Margaret J Thompson for being our speaker last night at Conservatives of the Upstate March meeting! Best quote of the night from her was ... 

“You don’t have to worry about anything if you tell the truth” 

She made it clear she would be open and honest to the citizens about any expenditures and decisions made when spending our tax dollars. 

We had  4 new members show up and had a lively discussion on what is going on with our tax dollars. I’m sorry you missed it and hope you can attend our April meeting! Details coming soon. We are hoping to have Councilman  Trey Whitehurst as our speaker. Waiting to see a date in April he is available and will let you know ASAP when we get the date, time, and place confirmed.

Once again, thank you Margaret for speaking to us and letting us know your stances on issues that concern us.

Pretty Good ..

Pretty Good
by Charles Osgood (1933)

There once was a pretty good student
Who sat in a pretty good class
And was taught by a pretty good teacher
Who always let ‘pretty good’ pass.
He wasn’t terrific at reading,
He wasn’t a whiz at math,
But for him, education was leading
Straight down a pretty good path.
He didn’t find school too exciting,
But he wanted to do pretty well,
He did have some trouble with writing
Since nobody taught him to spell.
When doing arithmetic problems,
Pretty good was regarded as fine.
5+5 needn’t always add up to be 10;
A pretty good answer was “9”.
The pretty good class that he sat in
Was part of a pretty good school,
And the student was not an exception:
On the contrary, he was the rule.
The pretty good school that he went to
Was in a pretty good town,
And nobody there seemed to notice
He could not tell a verb from a noun.
The pretty good student in fact was
Part of a pretty good mob.
And the first time he knew what he lacked was
When he looked for a pretty good job.
It was then, when he sought a position,
He discovered that life could be tough,
And he soon had a sneaking suspicion
‘Pretty good’ might not be good enough.
The pretty good town in our story
Was part of a pretty good state
Which had pretty good aspirations
And prayed for a pretty good fate.
There once was a pretty good nation
Pretty proud of the greatness it had,
Which learned much too late,
If you want to be great,
Pretty good is, in fact, pretty bad.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

COTU Meeting Agenda ...

Conservatives of the Upstate
Agenda for March 15 2018 Meeting

1. Call to Order and Welcome
2. Prayer
3. Pledge
4. Pass around contact information notebook
5. Treasury Report
6. Minutes from last meeting 
Report on Azalea Festival Booth application and discussion on what needs to be placed on table at booth and signage and how long we will man the booth.
7. Report on Sister City and county fire fees.
8. Open floor for suggestions of ACTION items 
9.  Introduction of Speaker for tonight Margaret Thompson
10.  Questions for Speaker
11.  Prayer and Adjourn

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Will our new sister city also exchange “refugees”

KIT is Karlsrhue’s Tri County.... so how soon will we get their Islamic refugees “culturally” exchanging with us?