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Monday, January 22, 2018

Is Schlolastic pushing an agenda?

Pickens County parents would like to see a policy put in place by our School District of Pickens County that would put a halt to a potentially child abusive occurrence.

There are many books k-5 books available for teachers to use in our public schools which promote transgenderism and homosexuality. Many parents do not want these type of books read aloud or made easily available to their young child to check out of the media centers or purchase at book fairs.

In several states, schools have allowed teachers to read these books aloud to young impressionable children and California has even made a law saying a parent cannot opt out of these readings.

Parents want SDPC to be pro active. At present, it is possible for a teacher to read out loud to K-5 children a book such as “A Tale of Two Mommies” by Mike Blanc or “My Princess Boy” by Cheryl Kilodavis and the parents only recourse is to complain and fill out a form AFTER the damage has already been done and their child has been exposed to these types of books that are in direct violation of their values and religious beliefs.

Parents want a policy in place that directs teachers they are not allowed to use any material that raises a reasonable concern relating to appropriateness.

We have been told by John Eby, Public Information Specialist of SDPC, that Transgender and Homosexual issues are not part of your curriculum and that SDPC does not make a practice of asking all your teachers if they are in compliance with book ban lists submitted by citizens or political advocacy groups. Parents don't want a ban of books, they just want prior notification a book with controversial subject matter will be used in the curriculum a teacher is using so they can opt out before the damage is done.

Evidently John Eby hasn't read the Health Standards. And I am wondering if the School Board members have.

After searching through the 2017 SC adopted Health Standards I have found several standards which would allow a teacher to address these controversial issues. And the SDPC should be pro-active in making sure teachers of young children know there are certain subjects in books that should be avoided.
Kindergarten Standard G-K.1.3
Name ways children grow and change, mentally, emotionally, socially, and

Kindergarten Standard G-K.1.4
Explain how families are alike and different

First Grade: Standard M-1.1.3
Identify ways that individuals are unique.

Pickens County Parents deserve a policy in place that will prevent their child being exposed to such controversial materials at a young age.

As you can see it would be easy for a teacher to read aloud one of these books that are controversial aloud to young children and claim she is addressing the Health Standards she is required to teach. And parents only recourse as of now is to complain and fill out a form AFTER their child has been exposed to questionable material. That's not acceptable.

Parents should know ahead of time that a teacher is going to be addressing these socially controversial ideologies that quite possibly go against their values and religious beliefs so they can opt out. Contact your School Board Representative and demand your right to direct your child's education.

written by Johnnelle Raines
                  Pickens, SC

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