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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

COTU Concerns About New County “Building Ordinance” ...

Conservatives Of The Upstate members share these concerns with the updated building codes ordinance that is before the Pickens County Council ...

1. What special interest or special individual made the request for these changes?

2. How do these “new updates” vary from SC State regulations and are they compliant to state codes?

3. Not siding with a landlord, tenant, occupant or owner, the process of private property matters is supposed to be arduous and follow a strict judicial procedure to prevent abuse and ease of breaking contracts between business associates or reasonable covenants between family, friends or neighbors. This new process seems to put a lot of arbitrary power into “an enforcement official” and the hands of any politician that may want to harass disagreeable taxpayers.

4. There seems to be a slight insertion of Comprehensive Plan actions in this new update - something Council has promised taxpayers would no longer be considered except to comply with a loose resubmission WITHOUT changes at Census time intervals. The “new updates” have an Agenda 21 feel to them - taking power away from accountable judges or due process and putting the process into the hands of a paper trail - decentralized and difficult to decipher.

*You may leave a comment on this post with your email address and a copy of the new ordinance can be emailed to you. Your email address will not be published nor kept or shared for any purpose other than the transmission of this document.

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