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Thursday, October 26, 2017

What part do you disagree with?

A message from Jeff Duncan, (Republican Representative SC) ...

It is interesting to read the comments from the Trump haters, the Liberals and the just anti-Trump crowd of both Republicans and Democrats in response to my recent FB post and subsequent newspaper articles.

Donald J. Trump isn't a politician. That is what the American voters liked about him.  Yes, he said some things during his days as a Democrat that you would not want your President, brother, husband, son or best friend to utter.  Yes, he seems to over-react to things that are said about him, usually on Twitter, especially when those attacks come from people like Senator Jeff Flake within our own party.

But America..........this nation has problems. And the American voters looked to a non-traditional, successful businessman to help right the ship.  The same voters had given us the US House, then the US Senate - without seeing the expected results versus the big government, less liberty policies of President Barack Obama.

Donald J. Trump, now the 45th President of the United States, ran on a simple Make America Great Again agenda #MAGA.

The American people didn't embrace someone they hoped would be a Nobel Peace Prize winning, smooth talking, appeasement-minded apologist of the historical American greatness.  We already had that and are $20 Trillion in debt with big government programs driving the spending train in DC.

The American people elected President Trump, knowing full-well his non-traditional methods and actions.  It is time for the anti-Trump Republicans to get over it and embrace, not the POTUS, but the AGENDA that the American people support and voted for:

-Repeal Obamacare and get government out of the relationship between us and our doctors.  Repeal.

-National Security begins, for a sovereign nation, with border security and enforcement of the law. Time to secure the weak under-belly of our nation - our southern border.

-National Defense.  Sequestration continues to hurt our defense readiness and capability.  We seem to be able to find cuts to the Constitutional role of defense but never can find cuts to the social programs that, being on auto-pilot, are continuing to cause deficits and debt.  It is time to return to the Superpower that the world needs America to be!

-Tax Reform.  Americans, after 31 years, deserve to keep more of their paychecks at the end of the month, businesses deserve to keep more of the profits they create - for reinvestment, debt reduction or dividends to the investors who took the risk by believing in them. The US Tax Code is 73,954 pages.  The US Constitution (4,543 words) is four pages.

-Repatriation of overseas earnings by American Corporations at a fair tax rate.  Possibly more than a Trillion dollars sits offshore in ghe accounts of American businesses who haven't brought those earnings back due to the oppressive confiscatory tax rates which would apply.  A fair tax rate creates a wind-fall in tax revenue for government while also creating a huge cash infusion into the American economy!  Economic activity and job growth!

-A 21st Century infrastructure plan to address a 21st Century economy.  Keep pork-barrel spending out of it and spend money where needed to support this future economic growth.  It is a spending bill, but would pay for itself with a growing, robust economy.

These are the highlights of a #MAGA agenda which I support.  I wonder what part of this Agenda Senators Flake, Corker, Collins, McCain - and Republican colleagues in the House - disagree with?

Just think what we could accomplish for America if we truly supported this #MAGA agenda, regardless of personal feelings about the guy occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!

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