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Friday, October 13, 2017

To all Conservatives,

I want to thank those who came to our meeting last night, the final one for me as President. It has been a long and arduous 15 years. First, we had to get the church ready for our meetings, then Jim Macdonald and myself walked away from the Pickens County Taxpayers Association and formed the Conservatives of Pickens County (later changed to Conservatives of the Upstate). Joe Murphree was instrumental in helping us form a membership as he knew very many people in Pickens County. Since we opened our membership we have had the largest number of members at the County Council meetings and at the School Board meetings. We have fought for Conservative principles as displayed on our web site We have worshiped God and depended on Him for our guidance. We have identified laws of our constitutions that were being broken and are still being broken. Our greatest failing has been that we were unable to find lawyers that were willing to sue to maintain our rights and keeping our laws from being broken by jackals. The legal profession has degenerated into a divorce happy, property settlement, loop hold looking group wanting the most money they can lay their hands on. They have ruined our society in my opinion. Lawyers, being officers of our courts, should do what is right not what is expedient and the most profitable.

Much to the the chagrin of politicians, we have trained other Conservatives to continue the fight. We have supported Donald Trump for President, but while we were doing so, the people of Pickens County went to sleep, including us, and allowed a bunch of Democrats and teachers disguised as Republicans to be elected to our local offices. Until we have closed primaries, I think we will experience more of the same. We must have more local participation. While it is important to elect the POTUS it is important to elect our local Board members and state officials. Judges should be elected because they do not follow the Constitution and make laws from the Bench.

I want to thank Johnnelle Raines and Tommy Raines for the cake and tea with all the trimmings to celebrate my retirement as your President. I have enjoyed serving you and fighting for the rights of the Pickens County people for a total of 40 years. Last but not least I want to thank Carol for her undying support and love, who without her I could not have lasted this long.

Junius Smith

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