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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Revised Private Property Rights Resolution For County Council To Sign ...

Resolution to Protect Citizen's Property Rights

The undersigned elected officials of Pickens County Council who are charged with upholding and protecting the Constitution do hereby agree to the following:

a) Planning for Pickens County citizens involves and affects regulation of private property rights.

b) Individual property ownership constitutes an asset of unique value, as well as being one of the foundations of  individual liberty for all American citizens.

Recognizing that value of property rights, we agree that all citizen's private property rights in Pickens County shall be placed in the highest priority of consideration during the planning and passage of any tax increases, ordinances, planning, zoning, and agreements with any private/public partnerships as well as any non-governmental agency; and,

In the event that any part of the planning or recommendations resulting from the process and passage of any tax increase, ordinance, planning, zoning, and agreements with any private/public partnership as well as any non-governmental agency, shall potentially negatively impact any property rights, property owners or the value of their private property, those affected property owners shall:

1. Be brought into the discussions as a major stakeholder.

2. Be justly compensated  if  Pickens County Council votes to invoke Eminent Domain over a citizen's property.

 3.  Before any Pickens County Councilman or their agents come on a citizen of  Pickens County's  private property for planning purposes, permission must be obtained from the property owner.

Signed: (Pickens County Council ) on this _____ day of __________ in the year of ____________

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