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Sunday, July 16, 2017



The Pickens County GOP will host a Town Hall for Catherine Templeton, Republican candidate for the South Carolina gubernatorial election, 2018.

The Town Hall will be held Tuesday August 1st in the private dining room at:

Mutt's BBQ
1020 Powdersville Road
Easley SC  29642

Dining room reservation begins at 6:00 with Town Hall running from 6:30 To 8:00.

Ms. Templeton served in the Haley Administration as  SC Director of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation and as Director of SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.  

For those interested in a comprehensive look at Ms Templeton's positions and qualifications I would encourage going to her website:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Revised Private Property Rights Resolution For County Council To Sign ...

Resolution to Protect Citizen's Property Rights

The undersigned elected officials of Pickens County Council who are charged with upholding and protecting the Constitution do hereby agree to the following:

a) Planning for Pickens County citizens involves and affects regulation of private property rights.

b) Individual property ownership constitutes an asset of unique value, as well as being one of the foundations of  individual liberty for all American citizens.

Recognizing that value of property rights, we agree that all citizen's private property rights in Pickens County shall be placed in the highest priority of consideration during the planning and passage of any tax increases, ordinances, planning, zoning, and agreements with any private/public partnerships as well as any non-governmental agency; and,

In the event that any part of the planning or recommendations resulting from the process and passage of any tax increase, ordinance, planning, zoning, and agreements with any private/public partnership as well as any non-governmental agency, shall potentially negatively impact any property rights, property owners or the value of their private property, those affected property owners shall:

1. Be brought into the discussions as a major stakeholder.

2. Be justly compensated  if  Pickens County Council votes to invoke Eminent Domain over a citizen's property.

 3.  Before any Pickens County Councilman or their agents come on a citizen of  Pickens County's  private property for planning purposes, permission must be obtained from the property owner.

Signed: (Pickens County Council ) on this _____ day of __________ in the year of ____________

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

COTU's Introduction To Homeschooling Event A Success ...

Our How to Homeschool Seminar was great last night!

Our speakers did an excellent job presenting the facts needed to start future Homeschooling parents off in the right direction. 

The parents who attended commented on how appreciative they were to us on offering this free seminar! The food was delicious too!

Special thank you to Junius Smith, Johnnelle Raines, and Steve Haynie for their work on this event.

See links and information below in other posts.

Laptops Don't Enhance Learning; May Hamper


Scientific American discusses new research that "suggests that laptops do not enhance classroom learning, and in fact students would be better off leaving their laptops in the dorm during class."
From the report: Although computer use during class may create the illusion of enhanced engagement with course content, it more often reflects engagement with social media, YouTube videos, instant messaging, and other nonacademic content. This self-inflicted distraction comes at a cost, as students are spending up to one-third of valuable (and costly) class time zoned out, and the longer they are online the more their grades tend to suffer. To understand how students are using computers during class and the impact it has on learning, Susan Ravizza and colleagues took the unique approach of asking students to voluntarily login to a proxy server at the start of each class, with the understanding that their internet use (including the sites they visited) would be tracked. Participants were required to login for at least half of the 15 class periods, though they were not required to use the internet in any way once they logged in to the server. Researchers were able to track the internet use and academic performance of 84 students across the semester.

Participants spent almost 40 minutes out of every 100-minute class period using the internet for nonacademic purposes, including social media, checking email, shopping, reading the news, chatting, watching videos, and playing games. This nonacademic use was negatively associated with final exam scores, such that students with higher use tended to score lower on the exam. Social media sites were the most-frequently visited sites during class, and importantly these sites, along with online video sites, proved to be the most disruptive with respect to academic outcomes. In contrast with their heavy nonacademic internet use, students spent less than 5 minutes on average using the internet for class-related purposes (e.g., accessing the syllabus, reviewing course-related slides or supplemental materials, searching for content related to the lecture). Given the relatively small amount of time students spent on academic internet use, it is not surprising that academic internet use was unrelated to course performance. Thus students who brought their laptops to class to view online course-related materials did not actually spend much time doing so, and furthermore showed no benefit of having access to those materials in class.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stream for "Introduction to homeschool"

The "How to Get Started Homechooling Seminar"was aired live at this link for those who were not able to attend in person and will be saved at this location for future viewing.

Click here for live viewing:

If you miss any of tonight's brochures they can be found here:

Not radical enough ...

While this article makes some interesting arguments, the real solution is still not proposed - Homeschooling and or privatization of schools.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Agenda For Homeschooling Event by COTU ...

Introduction to Homeschooling
Doors open at 6:30 PM
United Wesleyan Church
738 Rice Rd
Easley, SC 29640
1. Welcome and Call to Order
2. Invocation 
3. Introductions
4. Getting Started – Gale Farrier
5. Co-Ops and Support Groups – Kristi Brooks
6. Navigating the "C's" of Curriculum – Billy Witbeck 
7. Questions? 
8. Adjourn

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Introduction to homeschool ...

A free seminar for parents interested in homeschooling will take place in Easley, SC in July.  Parents who are thinking about homeschooling, or parents who recently started to homeschool, are encouraged to attend.  

Date:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 7:00 PM

United Wesleyan Church 
738 Rice Road
Easley, SC 29640.  

The church is located off of Highway 8 between Easley and Pickens near the old Arial Mill.  

Gale Farrier of the SC Home Educators Association and Kristi Brooks of Christian Home Educators of Easley will be speaking to parents about necessary decisions to begin homeschooling and the options available to parents.  Topics will cover the law with regard to home education, curriculum options, costs, commitment of time, resources available, and the networks of homeschool parents and associations that offer support.  The goal of the event is to provide parents with information to help them make important decisions about their children’s education.  

Food and refreshments will be provided for attendees.  

Information and updates will be available online at  

Also see these web sites for more information about homeschooling.  

South Carolina Home Educators Association  
Christian Home Educators of Easley

For more information call (864) 448-4622.

This event is sponsored by Conservatives of the Upstate and Grandparents Rights Association of the USA.