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Friday, June 9, 2017

Summary of June 2017 COTU Meeting ...

The possibility of a class action suit against the School Board and the County Council was discussed. There were at least five potential case points (and there are more). One thing that our politicians on the Board and Council are not waying in on is that they can be sued as individuals also.

Many good suggestions were brought up. It was hoped that the members of these government entities would solve the problems themselves. All of our information has been brought to their attention during open discussion at public meetings. All have taken the oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitutions, but their answer to the people is to see how many and how much they can avoid doing the right thing. They have used their lawyers, hired with the people's money to intimidate the people. All avenues are still open and it is hoped they will settle this in the correct way. This money belongs to the people and the elected ones are the servants of the people who we have entrusted with doing what the governed want done with their money.

The Conservatives of the Upstate, with its large membership, does have standing in the courts. Points considered were; the Colleton County case in the SC State Supreme Court, concerning the financing of the Greenville plan, employed by the Colleton County Schools years ago. This case established that the taxpayers of that County had standing and the Conservatives of the Upstate has a much larger population of members in Pickens County than they did.

We also had a discussion about our next Home Schoolers program. Steve Haynie firmed up some dates and Johnnelle Raines zeroed in on this program also. Thanks to these two stalwarts, the people of Pickens County will have a program where they can evaluate Home Schooling for their children.

Johnnelle Raines closed our meeting with a touching and inspiring prayer to Jesus our Lord.

Junius Smith
President. COTU

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