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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Over-collection Part II: The Nonexistent "Collectibility Index"

I am going to shock all of you with this.

The County Council, School Board, and the municipalities have no right to use a "Collectability Index" of any percent because it is being used to take money from an ignorant public.

First, the people have not taken a proper interest in the day to day operations of the government: ie attending local meetings of the various taxing authorities, attending meetings of the Conservatives of the Upstate, and meetings of the delegation. 

Second, our education system doesn't teach the State Constitution and barely scratches the U.S. Constitution and consequently elected officials do as one county official said at their last meeting, 

"I know this vote is against the SC Constitution, but it is the way things have always been done", 

This official took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability. This attitude has led to a great portion of the $200,000,000 being illegally collected. Every taxing authority has experienced a gain nearly every year and either have a slush fund or has spent extra money on their mistakes, which if they had been revealed, none of them would have been re-elected or if they stood for these ridiculous money grabs, would not have been elected in the first place. The Delegation of this County has turned their heads while this was being done to their constituents.

The continue this shell game by hiring a lawyer with our money and say to us that if you want your money refunded, "sue us"

This practice won't stop unless the people of the County revolt in mass against this tyranny. The attitude the elected officials are taking is forget the Constitution, this is our money, and we will do with it as we please. They do not have the right to have this index in their budget at all and they should refund every penny they have taken.

Part 3 coming soon ...

Junius Smith
President Conservatives Of The Upstate

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