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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Summary Of President Trump's Speech ...

Here's a summary of President Trump's soeech last night from Congressman Jeff Duncan ...

I witnessed a disturbing thing last night - and one that, by contrast, was completely different than how I witnessed Republicans acting during Presidential addresses to Congress: Democrat Members of Congress refused to clap when the POTUS entered the House Chamber. I understand not clapping on policy differences uttered during the address. Been there, done that. Didn't clap when President Obama mentioned policy positions I disagreed with.

But we (Republican Members of Congress) did clap when President Obama entered (and when his wife was recognized too, btw) as that shows respect for the Office of the President of the United States. Like it or not Donald Trump currently occupies that office.

The second most disturbing thing witnessed in person was the failure of certain key Democrats to stand in honor of a fallen American soldier (and the US military in general) when the wife that fallen hero was recognized. That was shameful IMHO.

President Trump's speech was filled with a lot of pro-American rhetoric. His best line was about not being elected to represent the world - he was elected to represent America.

Seems we will finally focus on putting America and American interests first. But the Democrats in Congress wouldn't even stand for America. I imagine that they would have emulated Colin Kaepernick had the National Anthem been struck up at that moment - based on how they were reacting.

President Trump spoke about American jobs, American workers and how having the economy flourishing, like a rising tide raises all boats, raises all Americans. The Minority party in the halls of Congress failed to applaud even that positive position.

It seems that Democrats are more worried about putting men in our daughters bathrooms than they are about putting Americans back to work.

Jeff Duncan
3rd District U.S. Congressman from SC

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