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Friday, February 10, 2017

Letter To SC Governor Henry McMaster To Veto 7th School Board Legislation ...

Please contact governor McMaster and tell him that the people of Pickens County do not want a 7th seat on the school board.

You may use this template if you like:

Dear Governor McMaster,

Congratulations on becoming South Carolina's 117th Governor.

The people of Pickens County are proud to have you serve; especially with your knowledge of law - serving our state as SC Attorney General for 8 years.

The people of Pickens County want your office to be aware of a local legislation bill that may cross your desk to add a 7th school board trustee to the School District Of Pickens County School Board.

These are the legal concerns we have with this bill and therefore request you veto the measure:

1) This is the third time taxpayers and those truly involved with and that care for our community have had to deal with this affront by a special interest group. The measure was soundly defeated in town hall style attendance meetings by a margin of 18 to 4 speakers with 100+ in attendance.

2) This local legislation was NOT supported by our local legislature. Only 2 of 4 of our legislative delegation House representatives voted for the measure to pass on to the Senate. It should be noted that another NAY vote came from our neighboring county. (Rep. Jonathan Hill )

3) The legislation unconstitutionally has a political representative in an office longer than ANY elected position in the state (5 years). The position (according to the bill) would be appointed for five years then move to an elected position. The people of Pickens County will have no vote.

4) The bill, after the appointed trustee term expires, will be an At Large seat. This violates The Federal Voter Rights Act as minorities and rural areas in the county would be disenfranchised and excluded entirely from the process. This should be akin to your support of President Trump as the seventh School board trustee election would be like Southern California having the say in our presidential election. So would Easley, our most populous (and most liberal area) have control of this seat into perpetuity.

5) Based on population, this is the most likely weight on the board if passed ...

- Easley carries 2.8 seats
- Daniel carries 1.85 seats
- Pickens carries 1.45 seats
- Liberty carries 0.9 seats

6) On February 16, 2017, a vote was held at the Pickens County GOP monthly meeting. All 23 in attendance (that could vote) raised their hands in OPPOSITION to this measure.

As you can see, there are multiple issues with this bill that deserve your scrutiny and veto.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Junius Smith
Pickens, SC


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