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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Islamic Indoctrination in our Public Schools?

Islamic Indoctrination in our Public Schools? Say It Ain't So...

Children across the USA are learning about Islam in our public schools and while most parents have no objection to their child learning about other religions, they do have a problem with bias and favoring one religion over another. The problem in our public schools is that the textbooks, curriculum, tests, and standards are not educating children but rather indoctrinating children. South Carolina is not immune to this indoctrination going on.

In Summerville, SC parents objected to a worksheet that had fill in the blanks from a lesson on a Islamic child . Here is the fill in the blank worksheet: 

“Islam is a religion of ____________________. If I believe in Islam, I am called a ______________. In the Islamic religion, we call God _________________. I may dress differently than other kids. I feel __________ that a few people of my religion committed terrorist acts. I do not believe in terrorists idea of a holy war. Answers: (peace, Muslim, Allah,bad)

The issue with most parents that are objecting to these lesson plans is they seem to be biased. In the majority of the cases this is happening in middle school grades where World Religions are introduced according to the states' Social Studies standards. There are plenty of examples online that you can research showing that children as young as the age of 10 are having to memorize the 5 Pillars of Islam. However, no one can find evidence of a public school requiring children having to quote the Ten Commandments or Jesus' Great Commission. There have been instances where children are being required to learn the Shahada an Islamic acceptance of their religion which states, “There is no god but Allah Muhammad is the messenger of God.” By saying this aloud one has accepted this religion.
However, children are not aloud to recite John 3:16. Students have even been required to write in calligraphy the Islamic prayer in Arabic. In many of these instances if the parent opted the child out...the child received a failing grade for that assignment.

In Powdersville,SC One set of parents are being pro-active and know their daughter is getting ready to study Islam and wanted to opt their child out of these lessons because they feared there would be requirements made of their daughter that went against their religious beliefs and they were told by the Principal initially her child could not opt out. She is protesting as we speak.

What can you do? 
1. We have started a petition on to propose legislation to stop this from happening in SC.

2.We also are asking for you to call SC Superintendent Molly Spearman at 

Tell her you want her to make it clear to all county school boards in SC that a parent has a right to opt out of any Islamic lesson plan they think is objectionable to their religious beliefs...much like parents can opt out of Sexual Education lesson plans. 

3.We also are asking Superintendent Molly Spearman to allow parents to be part of this Social Studies review of the standards. According to the SC Department of Education a Social Studies Standard review is coming up soon. 

4.We have also started a Facebook Group you can follow 

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