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Monday, January 23, 2017

School Board Violating State Transparency Laws Regarding Notifying Citizens Or Media Of Meetings ...

Here is the law on being notified of public meetings by your County Council or your school board.

At present, the County Council is more than happy to place your name on the email list to be notified of regular scheduled meetings as well as special called meetings or any meeting where there is a quorum of councilmen. 

However, our School Board does not want to comply with section (E) on the law. I have requested to be placed on the email notifications they send out to media so I will be informed and can mark my a "person" and also as a "group" because I am the Board Member of Conservatives of the Upstate as well as the Board Member of United States Parents Involved in Education, others in our group are actually journalists.

John Eby,  the Communications Director of SDPC, has said requests "are under review by their lawyer".

Many of the parents and taxpayers never know when they have these special called meetings until it is too late. The secretary at the district has told many to just "check their web page or the newspaper daily" to see when those meetings were.  

Why should a taxpayer have to buy a newspaper to find out when they meet? 

Why should I have to buy a computer to know when they meet? (Because the SDPC website is nearly impossible to navigate on mobile devices.)

Why should I have to go to the public library every day to check their web page? 

They can place people on an email list who want to be's very easy. If they truly want to be transparent they should be doing what our County Council has done...all you have to do is contact their office and asked to be placed on their notification email list. And not only that, you get friendly, prompt responses.


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