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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Another part of over-collection ...

 $50,000 each year of our tax dollars is "given" to each county council member to be used for recreation and tourism events. This fund rolls unused funds forward each year on top of the allotment. Each individual Council has sole discretion on where to use the funds. It does not have to be voted on by whole council . It does not have to be spent in their district. 

Does anyone see that there might be some ethical issues that come up with the expenditures? 

One councilman could conceivably "save" up YOUR money over 4 years and have at his/her discretion $200,000 to spend on a lobbyists project which would NOT require the entire council to approve! 

The County Administator  is catching some flack about it but should be applauded for his diligence in being concerned about how taxpayer fund expenditures should be voted on by whole council and not left to the discretion of one councilman who may have a conflict of interest! 

This is part of the over collected funds from previous years. It gives the council an illegal expenditure in each one's control without telling the people as required by Article 10 Section 5 of the SC Constitution.

We the people bought ...

• $68,000 worth of seats on the recreation field in Easley, 

• $150,000 on a track at Southern Wesleyan, 

• $80,000 on tennis courts at Southern Wesleyan.  

Article 10 Section 5 was put there to keep politicians from doing things just to get reelected.

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