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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The morning review ...

This morning I sat down and reviewed a number of the items that I have sought to get the County Council and Pickens County School Board to change directions on. 

They range from willful disregard for the SC Constitution on the matters of school finances (Article 11 Section 3) - unfunded by the State of South Carolina - and refinancing of general obligation bonds they did not own and could not own

The financing of buildings at Tri-County Tech funded by issuing general obligation bonds without even telling the people what they were for is also a violation the SC Constitution (Three readings, one reading with a public hearing required / Article 10 Section 5)

There are so many violations of the South Carolina Constitution that this space is too small to recount all the violations. It seems that Board and Council members don’t care about the law or the oath that they all took to preserve, protect, and defend both the US and the State Constitutions when they were sworn in and their hands were on the Bible.

I sat with the County Attorney and Administrator and gave them at least eight (and there are more) ways in which the County, School Board, and even the State, have over collected tax money to the tune of $145 million in case of the County and School Board and $1.6 Billion in the case of the State. I sat with the Sheriff, both the County Council and School Board, the senator of this County, the Attorney General, SLED,and the Governor of this State and explained in a very easy to understand way how all this has been perpetrated and most of them agreed that if what I said was true - it needed to be stopped. Instead of them stopping all this fraud of the people, they told me I needed to spend tens of thousands of my money suing all of them.

Where are the people of Pickens County while all this is going on: Sitting with their hand folded waiting for me to do something or complaining that they don’t understand what I am talking about. All they need to do is read the SC 
Constitution (Articles 10 and 11) and see for themselves. 

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  1. I totally agree!!! The corruption is much broader and maniacal then u could ever imagine. We as a people have a responsibility to ensure and protect that which we fought for,yet most are to entranced by TELL LIE VISION or social media to care!! South Carolina was once a noble God fearing colony who did what needed to be done because they knew oppression and the taste of freedom was to great to surrender even if it cost the ultimate price. Revolutions don't take place in a country where tyranny is all they know; they take place when they experience LIBERTY and REFUSE to allow tyranny to return! OUR CHILDREN HAVE NO FUTURE IF WE REMAIN SILENT! If we would band together with one voice we could at the very least save our county! I do not mean with violence but with conviction and love for what the good Lord gave us so many years ago!! Alas these are the last days and things will get worse but repentance could hide us from the wrath to come! If we can't unite for the sake of our children and our freedom given by GOD NOT GOVERNMENT then we will not be able to stand up and fight for anything! YOU CAN NOT OPPRESS THOSE WHO ARENT AFRAID! in other words as for me I agree completely and I am a little more hopeful because of your post! Please feel free to contact me at 8646339034



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