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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Talk growing on social media for Bowers resignation...

Phillip Bowers, Pickens County school board member and County GOP leader has faced a lot of criticism over the past year as he's made a 180° turn on issues and voted with the liberal members of the school board on most issues.

Now Bowers is attacking the most inarguably conservative school board member, Alex Saitta right before Saitta's election. 

Saitta, a republican who has attended many monthly GOP meetings, and has supported conservative republicans all over the county for more than a decade, has been getting blasted by Bowers all over social media. Meanwhile, Bowers, who has dual hat as the director of The Pickens County GOP, promotes the most liberal candidates running for office in Pickens County - like Gary Clary. (Reminder: Clary supported a 7th seat on the school board, a move that the Pickens County Election Commission verified would cost upwards of $35,000 and that Senator Larry Martin stated would be illegal.)

From Facebook:

When asked who the "new" conservatives are on the school board who closed two rural schools against the WILL of the people... he replied ...

 "I did the other day, but here's a summary.  Basically everyone but Saitta. He has done nothing but talk incessantly for 12 years and accomplished almost nothing but chaos and a first class financial and educational mess of our schools system. For example, he neglected to work effectively with others and put a maintenance plan in place 12 years ago. That philosophy of neglect and short sightedness begot the Greenville Plan. Had your buddy Saitta worked with others to put real conservative policies and plans in place like I have the last two years, we potentially could have avoided all the debt his philosophy has left the taxpayers with. His legacy is the Greenville Plan and the MASSIVE amount of DEBT he hung us with....I am very very very happy with the progress we've made the last two years with a new conservative majority on the board. And I am also very very very happy the electorate agrees with me and the overall direction of the board. Not even one person ran to really change the direction the board has traveled the last two years, at a time when fully half the board is on the ballot . Very Very very happy am I."

To correct Bowers comments:

Alex OPPOSED each step of funding the building plan. If he had not been on the board. The debt total would most likely have been hundreds of millions MORE.

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