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Friday, October 7, 2016

Winning Again ...

by Dean Allen

There is a huge problem within the Republican Party, the conservative movement, the tea parties, and most especially the Christian church.

We have been the "loyal opposition" for so long we have forgotten how to win. We have just about given up on the concept that it is even possible to win. There is a clear reason for this destructive malaise.

For decades we have become really good at knowing what we are opposed to and why. We are masterful complainers. We possess some of the finest minds in the galaxy, and they have written eloquently about the diagnosis of our sick republic, and how it has sunk into the depths of depravity. Our intellectuals, from Hillsborough College, to the Heritage Foundation, to the Cato Institute, to the Vatican itself, are adept at telling us what is wrong with America, and why we are so wrong.

The surviving manifestation of western Christian civilization is a loosly disorganized confederation of disparate groups and interests, now collectively described as what is left of the conservative movement. We have not merely mastered the art of pointing out the rot within the American body politic; we now possess the wizardry to point fingers, and assign blame.

That is the grand sum total of the two abilities within our skill set; we  describe deficiencies, in gruesome detail, as well as assign blame for those errors, failures, and weaknesses. That's the extent of our whole strategy since the Reagan Revolution died in 1989, we can complain, and we can point fingers in blame.

More often than not, we point those fingers at portions of our own conservative movement. We buy  into the left wing paradigm, that some of our own troops are racist, sexist, xenophobic, or what ever. We complain about every politically correct utterance of the far left; even while we grudgingly, but meekly, comply with it. 

Our libertarian element says, frame arguments only in economic terms, with no moral component. Our wimpy Churches are capable of sanctimonious superiority to the rest of us, but are too weak and afraid to actually live out their own platitudes. When is the last time any mainline religious body publicly proclaimed the message in Ephesians that we battle against principalities and powers and EVIL IN HIGH PLACES?

We, as the loyal opposition, worry more about not losing our 501 (c)(3) status, and not being labeled as racists, xenophibic, sexist, Islamophobic, or bigoted. We care more about not being called names, than about solving problems, and saving western Christian civilization.

We have been the retreating loyal opposition so long, we have mastered the artful retreat under fire. Nobody dares turn and actually assault our enemies, putting them on the defensive. We have forgotten how to lead, and blindly worship a Speaker, or a Majority Leader who does not LEAD, but rather skillfully retreats while blaming continued failure on someone else, and even more skillfully, he does it without being zinged with several of the ubiquitous labels the left passes out with gleeful abandon.

Into this sordid state of affairs, where we complain, point fingers, and retreat gracefully; the Creator of the universe has sent us a champion. He has called one man to greatness. We are so adept at following wimps with excuses, who can point the finger at others; we actually fear a strong leader who says "I WILL FIX THAT." It has been almost four decades since a real American leader stood on the world stage and said "I will make America great again."

As rioters, looters, foreign terrorists, and anarchists, burn what is left of western Christian civilization to the ground, we fear the one leader who says we will have "law and order" once again.

Our 240 year history can be summed up in two words American Exceptionalism. We teeter on the brink of a chasm, and if America falls, the light of liberty on this planet is extinguished. Ronald Reagan explained, freedom is not a birthright born in our DNA, but rather something that must be fought for anew in each generation. Thomas Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.

If we are to save western Christian civilization, we are going to have to point our fingers at Islam, not each other, embrace Donald John Trump as the next president of these United States, roll up our sleeves, and start using our sharp knives on the enemies of freedom, instead of each other for a change. 

On November 8th it will be your solemn duty to quit bitching, moaning, bellyaching, whining, complaining, making excuses, and pointing fingers at each other. Your patriotic duty as a God fearing American is to stand like a man and elect Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the entire GOP ticket. This is the epic battle you have prepared for all your life, quit sniveling, and start WINNING again. Winning will be a new experience for some of you - trust me, you are going to like it.

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