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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why, as a "Tech guy" I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton and why as an extreme couponer, I'd vote for Alex Saitta & Joey L

Why, as a "Tech guy" I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton and why as an extreme couponer, I'd vote for Alex Saitta and Joey Lum 

by Rus Smith

Being a nerd about networks, I've studied how the Clinton campaign has dismissed the Wikileak's release of the infamous "deleted emails" and multitudes of others as faked, forged, and out of context information. Clinton campaign manager and former Bill Clinton aide, John Podesta is the main source of this denial. He's also responsible for putting the rhetoric into Clinton's debate talking points. 

It's an outright lie that the emails are faked, forged, or that their content is treasonous to read or disseminate (as CNN has so stereotypically, biased media reported), or that they were "deleted".

What's in those emails can be verified by markers known as a "raw header". If you analyze this info and verify it - it tells all sorts of information. It reveals everything from who sent and received the email, the exact tenth of a second it was sent, the character count (and word count), if it was read (or not), if it was part of a previous reply, and what type of device and email client sent it. In fact, it's even evident from Wikileaks information that the emails were purposely wiped with a hard drive erasure program. Not "deleted". Not "lost". Erased. On purpose. Maliciously. Criminally.

I've laboriously poured over this information. These emails contain everything from accepting illegal donations for favors to discussing "speaking fees" instead of having limitations on donations. Even Facebook's own top executives tried to "make deals" with the Clinton campaign  in barter for "shaping policy". Emails also discuss that the Clinton campaign knew everything about Benghazi and purposely covered it up - many emails discussing damage control or "that it should blow over". It truly is incomprehensible the amount of illegal and classified information that is discussed in these emails.

As an "IT guy" I cannot vote for Clinton.

I therefore choose Donald Trump. I do not endorse him. I am voting for him. Our country needs a businessman. Period.

Similarly, I recommend to all my friends that can and all my friends that can influence others to please vote for Alex Saitta. Alex has been a great resource for the School Board of Pickens County. Your property tax bill would be triple (or more) without him. There would be no prayer at board meetings and most likely the county - at any school function. He fought against the school closures. Even though Alex has never been in my district - I have always been able to get an answer from him - quickly - with facts. He listens and responds with well thought out, researched, eloquent action. Alex is a business guy - a financial guy - he is EXACTLY what the county needs. Like Trump, Alex isn't beholden to special interests like other board members. Alex's impact on every office in Pickens County is immeasurable.

For Liberty and Pickens residents, I recommend Joey Lum as your District 4 representative to Columbia. Joey has campaigned on the fact that finances and taxes in the area are out of control. But here is my absolute reason NOT to vote for his opponent, incumbent Davey Hiott - Hiott took money from the Veterinarian Association then sponsored a bill to rid the state of mobile pet vaccs. Friends, I love animals. I think a pet, even to lower income families, is an important part of a family. After coupons, I get Rachel Ray Nutrish premium dog food for free. I have food and care covered. Shots are a different matter. If mobile pet vaccs didn't exist - I most likely would have reconsidered purchasing my dog (Scruffy). That saddens me greatly. Not having mobile pet vaccs removes this integral part of family life from all but the wealthy. It puts the public at risk.  The sponsorship of the bill wreaks of corruption. And like Trump, I believe Joey Lum will not be beholden to special interests as Hiott is.

* The mobile pet vacc is an enormous economic boost too.

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