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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summary Of September 2016 Pickens County Council Meeting ...

Last night's County Council meeting was good and bad and sometimes ugly. 

First, our attendance by Conservatives of the Upstate was good. We had eight to attend and the only speakers were from our group with the exception of the Pickens County Humane Society. They were there to beg for money and to be frank with you I think the County Council has the money to properly support them. Remember that God asked man to look after the animals and to even name them,yet we cannot even afford to help our unwanted animals live a decent life. The County Council asked for and voted for recreation districts and money for which the children are not even treated fairly by the cities. The County children are charged an extra amount to participate in city programs by the cities. Some of this money should be used to help fund their pets, since the cities cannot play fair with their fees of participation. It was recommended that no money be given to the cities as long as they maintain this kind of attitude and we are paying taxes in their restaurants.

The County Council - in an effort to finish all business - is - in my opinion; breaking the law by borrowing $7.8 million dollars for general expense - claiming that that the $23 million that is set aside for a new jail takes all their cushion before funds start to come in from tax revenue. This is just not a proper excuse. The funds should already be there if the money has been spent properly and the budget followed. It is my opinion these accounts are not set up properly in the treasurer's office. Over collections are not properly handled and the people are being asked to borrow money that is not needed.

The $6.5 million that Tri County Tech has asked for has been temporarily put aside for the new council to make a decision on. They will be faced with the same Constitutional issue - the State is responsible for funding Tri County Tech. Tri County Tech has reportedly said that they would increase Pickens County Student's fees to make up for the difference. In my opinion, if this happens, the President of Tri County Tech should be fired.

There were numerous committee actions taken up. This is why people should attend these meetings and voice their opinions. 

Johnnelle Raines, Junius Smith, Steve Haynie, Rick Spencer, and Pat Watkins all made talks for the tax payers. Johnnelle spoke to the council about the refugee problem, Junius spoke on several budget problems, Steve Haynie spoke on GPATS and City charges to County children, Rick spoke on mobile home fire fees, and Pat Watkins on Land Grant Colleges and Tri County Tech. 

Carol Smith helped me write this report.

The meeting was long and a lot of subjects were covered.


Junius Smith
President Conservatives of the Upstate

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