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Friday, September 30, 2016

School board debate goes as expected…

The debate last night came across about how I expected. Alex Saitta presented the material asked like the veteran that he is: Giving details, personal experiences on the  School Board, and experienced suggestions as to how things could be made better. Shannon Haskett, Son of Parker Haskett a former member of the old Taxpayers Association, presented a very impressive personal appearance and a knowledge of public speaking. His main point was that the Seat needed to be changed. I ask you Why? Alex has done more for education on the Board than all of the other members put together. He fights for the teacher's jobs, for more presence in the classroom, and for as sound of finances as possible. He has voted for teacher raises and benefits, for administrative help increases, and diligently fought for the northern schools to remain open. He fought for real prayer:The only real fighter and now it is approved. He keeps his constituents informed. Many other taxpayers ask him for help even though he does not represent them. So I ask you why vote for change of great experience as vs. total inexperience.

My opinion is this. The school administration does not want someone on the board that keeps the public informed, examines all financial issues, and works like a dog to be for the taxpayers and the children truly. They have enlisted some organizations to help them "get rid of Alex". Why? So they can do their work behind closed doors and not be discovered by the public. They can run to Advanced Ed and get them to report things that are not true or distorted. I don't agree with everything any politician does, but I can trust Alex to study the issue before he votes on it.

Our organization does not endorse any candidate, but I can truthfully say that "getting rid of Alex" will hurt the county both financially and educationally. At some point Shannon Haskett will make a good candidate for public work, but not now in Alex Saitta's place.

Junius Smith
President of Conservatives of the Upstate

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