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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do Our Elected Officials Care About Their Citizens' Safety?

Do Our Elected Officials Care About Their Citizens' safety? 

Are our local, state and federal officials protecting us to the best of their ability? 

These recent Islamic terrorism attacks in our country are making me doubt they care. 

Do any of you know why these Islamic immigrants and refugees with no job skills, no money of their own, unknown diseases, haven't been vetted, whose ideology hates Christians and Americans are being brought here at the expense of our tax dollars? 

This knife wielding Somalian Islamic terrorist they arrested is a product of our immigration/refugee program. And we are bringing in more just like him and giving them OUR TAX DOLLARS to raise their children to be terrorists? How many more innocent lives are going to be taken by these Islamic refugees yelling Allah Akbar? 


I have searched the internet and cannot even find reliable information on just how many Islamic immigrants and refugees are presently in our country or state or county.... 

There are other ways these Islamic people are coming here besides the Refugee Resettlement like ones who are given a temporary protected status, ones seeking asylum, students studying in our colleges and others who have overstayed their visas or even the illegal ones crossing our borders! 

WE all need to be marching in the streets of Washington DC, Columbia SC and in Pickens demanding our government officials not allow ANY MORE immigrants and refugees from terror producing countries to settle here!

WE NEED TO ALL BE DEMANDING Congress cut the funds off for these Refugee/Immigration programs in the Continuing Resolution! 

Brian Bilbrois a courageous SC citizen hero who is suing Governor Haley, President Obama, the DHS, the DOJ, and other subordinate agencies including SCDSS, Lutheran Social Services, and World Relief to stop the 2016 State Refugee Resettlement Plan. His attorney is , Ms. Lauren Martel of Hilton HeadThey are up against the Southern Poverty Law Center representing Lutheran Services as well as several large SC law firms and three US Attorneys who have made appearances on behalf of supporting the Resettlement Plan.

I am here tonight to ask my county council on behalf of the members of Conservatives of the Upstate to HELP PROTECT US!

The budget proviso amendment you included in the last budget is expiring and will be of no use. 

We have new members of county council coming on in January and I am worried they have the same views on this subject that Rep. Neal Collins' and Rep. Gary Clary have displayed...which is they are not worried about more Islamic refugees being allowed in ...they trust the vetting process...they say it is the Christian, Statue of Liberty thing to do... 

Well I say God wants us to be compassionate Christians but not FOOLS! 

Elected officials shouldn't be placing our own citizenry in harms way especially on our tax dollars! That folks is being played for a fool! 

Proverbs 13:20 says: 

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, 
but the companion of fools will suffer harm. 

Are the President of the United States, our Senate and Congress being fools by ignoring our safety? Is Gov. Nikki Haley being a fool by ignoring our safety? Are our SC Legislators being fools by ignoring our safety? Are our County Council members going to be guilty of being fools? 

Here is what I am requesting that our present County Council do before leaving office in January. Hold a press conference to read a STRONG LETTER signed by all of you to send to Gov. Nikki Haley and the White House that YOU will not tolerate putting your citizenry at risk. And you will fight any Refugee Resettlement Project from taking place in Pickens County. 

This will show Pickens' citizenry you actually do care! This will inspire other SC counties to take a bold stand! 

If Hillary gets elected she wants to increase the refugees to 65,000 in her term. If even one jihadist gets settled in Pickens County that will place our citizenry in harms way. What if people get stabbed at our local malls or a pressure cooker bomb gets placed in a trash receptacle at a Clemson football game?

The number one purpose of government is to protect its citizenry. 

YOU need to take a publicized stand to send a clear message to our state and federal government that YOU take your oath of office seriously. 

YOU are the ones who should be leading the fight against allowing Islamic refugees settling here who would be promoting harm to our citizenry.

If you don't do this... then God have mercy on your souls... because any citizen killed or injured by these terrorists in Pickens County will leave blood on YOUR hands. 

Johnnelle Raines
Board Member Conservatives of the Upstate

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