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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The questions that need to be asked about the upcoming School Board elections ...

I am sure Shannon Haskett is a great guy, a loving husband and father, and a great PTA representative and advocate for Ambler Elementary… I have no doubt.

But is that enough qualifications?

This November we have three positions on the school board open…Judy Edwards, Alex Saitta and Herbert Cooper.

If you are taxed enough already like I am…we don’t want to put anymore automatic rubber stamps to everything Danny Merck and the School District Of Pickens County “wants.” 

We need people who love children of course…we need people who want to increase success for children graduating ready to become productive and responsible citizens of course.

We also need people on the school board who are fiscally conservative and who will tell the truth to WE THE PEOPLE and not try to devise schemes to overrule the will of the people. 

We need a representative who will look at NEEDS vs WANTS objectively.

This coming election in November, we have to ask ourselves some important questions…

Why would Shannon Haskett want to actively support a 1¢ sales tax increase instead of supporting alternatives which won’t hit taxpayers in the pocketbook again? 

Is he going to be another rubber stamp to all the fiscally irresponsible spending that goes on in our School District? 

Is he going to be as financially knowledgeable as Alex? 

Will he inform us conservatives about the schemes the other progressive school board members cook up? 

Will Shannon really be the taxpayer’s advocate? 

My sources tell me he is the choice of the tax ‘em some more progressive group Concerned Citizens of Pickens County and that they want him on the board so he will be a rubber stamp similar to Herbert Cooper, Brian Swords, and Judy Edwards ... and sadly Phillip Bowers now.

We already have elected a progressive county council who most definitely will be seeking to raise taxes in the near future…please don’t elect school board members who rush to add more tax burdens to the people of Pickens County …

It is a fact that Shannon Haskett was EAGER to burden us with a penny sales tax increase that was not needed…but was just the easiest route to solve fiscal incompetence by our school board. 

Why would we want to give them more funds to squander? 

Vote Alex Saitta; the only candidate who will keep us informed with truth and has not only the common sense needed, but the fiscal conservative financial intelligence to steer the board in the “right” direction not the “left” direction.

Johnnelle Raines
Pickens, SC

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