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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summary Of Pickens United Meeting ...

I attended the first of 4 “Pickens United"  meetings organized by Rep. Neal Collins in Easley on Monday August 29th from noon till 1:30pm. 

How many of you were even aware this meeting was scheduled? Not anyone I talked to at the YMCA today was aware there was one scheduled which had representatives of city, county and state government present. 

It is sad that only a handful of citizens were in the audience. What was even more sad is the citizens couldn't ask questions or make comments. 

I videoed the event because I knew there wouldn't be very many of us taxpayers there due to the lack of advertisement of the meeting and the fact it was held during a weekday and most citizens are at work during that time frame. You can view the video by looking below on if you want to hear what was said by the elected leaders who are making decisions about YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

In summary, I have to say the overall meeting could be called a love fest of progressives. They are definitely UNITED...united on the fact that government is woefully underfunded and if they just had more of YOUR MONEY they could solve all the problems in our city, county, and state.

So get ready for a tax increase's coming... a possible gas tax increase...a possible property tax increase...maybe another sales tax increase...who knows...but according to one of the elected officials now that we have all these new people in elected positions...the “sky's the limit.”

The only way YOU the taxpayer can stop an inevitable increase in the amount of taxes you already pay is to GET INVOLVED! 

Come to the next Conservatives of the Upstate Meeting held on the second Thursdays of each month. Go to for more information. 

If you don't stand up and voice that YOU ARE TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY...and tell these elected officials they need to live within their means just like you, then you will find yourself struggling to make ends meet and pay your property tax and the government will seize it. 

Next scheduled meeting of the “Pickens United “ elected officials to give you updates on their agenda of what I call “ tax 'em some more” will be October 31stin Clemson...Halloween, very appropriate...SCARY STUFF. Maybe you should attend dressed as a farmer with a pitchfork.

by Johnnelle Raines

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