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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

God uses rough edges in leaders ...

To start with, Donald Trump has a temperament that is a lot more like mine than yours. I do not suffer fools gladly. Some folks say it is PTSD, but I think I would have been this way even without going to war at a young age. In fact going to war at a young age, voluntarily, is another instance of me being passionate. 

I understand that a lot of good, decent, people, would find it easier to relate to a political figure who is polished in his speech, and who carefully parses the nuances of his positions. 

Donald Trump is indeed a bull in a china shop. Now, if I saw America as a placid shop full of fine china, I might not want a bull there. What I see instead, is an America much more like a burning barn with all the patriots trapped inside. I am doggone glad to find a raging bull strong enough to knock down some locked doors and let us all escape to freedom. 

Just remember that you absolutely do not look for the same qualities in a youth pastor that you will want in a deputy sheriff. Cheerleaders are just as important to a football team as the quarterback; but again, you look for very different qualities in each. 

This country is in trouble - serious trouble. The America we knew and loved will cease to exist if the next four vacancies on the US Supreme Court are not filled by Donald John Trump. Period. 

Without the second amendment, the first lies naked and unprotected. At that point you can shutter your 501 (c)(3) that does not serve the goals of the Clinton Foundation, or the [divergent attention cause of the week loosely or directly funded by George Soros]

You do get to vote on whether Donald trump makes those appointments, or not. Vote wisely. The surest way to insure the right result, in fact the only Godly result, is to vote FOR Donald Trump. 

You prayed for someone to save this nation from ruin. No doubt, you may have hoped God would raise up a champion that was smooth, polished, respectable, diplomatic, and even sweet talking. No doubt you probably had in mind someone like Franklin Graham, not Donald Trump. 

Your prayer was answered, but not with the answer you had hoped for. That has happened to me plenty of times in life. Now, you are worried Donald Trump has too many flaws and rough edges for God to use him. 

Go back to Scripture, and take a closer look at the character of the men God has used greatly, at times to save nations or his chosen people. 

God used Jonah, though he was disobedient and ran away the first time. God used Noah, even though he was a drunk. God used Moses, who murdered an Egyptian. God used King David, even though he had another man killed so he could take the man's wife. My personal favorite is how God called Gideon to lead an army even though Gideon was a coward hiding beside a wine press. God even raised Lazerus from the dead. 

I concede Donald trump has those rough edges; but he is not a drunk, murderer, coward, and he certainly ain't dead.

Understand, we are down to only two choices now, Trump, or the Democrat. So, not only do I want you to vote right, as a Republican elected official, you have the power to influence many others as well. Start by reminding them, if they are wavering about supporting our nominee, of God's words in Romans 8:28.

~ Dean Allen

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