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Friday, April 1, 2016

Easley Rep Neal Collins Proposes Vague Bill About "Imposter LegalRepresentation" ...

South Carolina General Assembly
121st Session, 2015-2016

H. 5036
General Bill
Sponsors: Reps. Goldfinch, J.E. Smith, Bannister, Fry, Johnson, Jordan, Horne, Stavrinakis, McCoy, Murphy, Collins, Clemmons, Bernstein, Brannon, Norrell, Atwater, Newton, Cole, Delleney, Hicks, Pope, G.M. Smith and Weeks

The dangerous aspect of this bill?

Most of the representatives (including Collins) are attorneys. What they'd love to see is you scared to challenge them or any politician's illegal activities because you're afraid of this law or afraid you couldn't afford an attorney in order to be compliant with this law. You have a first amendment right to "redress your grievances with the government". That should be read as "any peaceable means necessary to counteract government tyranny or undue burden". Legal action is a peaceable means. One does not have to have a lawyer to travel to court. One can represent themselves Pro Se (meaning "representing self).

Another intimidating component to this bill is that it could catch you on a technicality. While an attorney would likely be excused from court technicalities and allowed to correct their mistakes, one representing themselves Pro Se likely would be fined or found in violation of this law were it to be signed.

"Section 16-17-770.    It is unlawful for a person other than a lawyer, who is licensed to practice law in this State or in another state or jurisdiction in the United States and not disbarred or suspended from the practice of law in any state or jurisdiction, to represent to any person that he is a lawyer for the purpose of soliciting business, obtaining anything of value, or providing legal advice or assistance.


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