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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why Trump Should Have And Did Win The SC Primary ...

It wasn't because of Evangelicals or other categories of voters. It was because the people felt subliminally  that we needed a General Patton like person to save our country.  When I was a little boy, I knew General Patton.  He was crass and vain.  He cursed profusely, and offended many people.  My mother told me that I must cover my ears when he was speaking to the troops, yet he was a gentle man(a professed Christian) in some ways and once had lunch fixed for us when my mother went to Hell Cat Camp in Louisiana where Daddy was training in the swamps.  General Patton was even censured by Ike for abusing a soldier, but I ask you, would you rather have lost the War with the Axis powers?

Many people, including myself, feel that America has lost its way with Obama, the Clintons, and other liberal and communists (like Bernie Sanders) and that we need the toughest type of leader to lead us out of the wilderness.  This does not mean that Cruz isn't a very good candidate and in my opinion would be the very best Supreme Court Judge.  But make no mistake, if we do not overcome the Agenda 21, the global warmers, the anti-capitalists, etc. right here in this period of time, our great country is doomed, and this includes the State of SC and Pickens County. 

So don't be hard on those of us that voted for Trump.  The press has everything figured out except the real reason!

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