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Monday, February 1, 2016

About that penny sales tax in Anderson ...

An editorial from an Anderson County resident ...

According to an article from January 15, 2016 ... School District Five made a $14 million investment in improving athletic facilities at Westside and Hanna high schools. If I'm not mistaken that is approximately the total amount expected to be received from the penny sales tax passed last November. I also have read in the paper (and seen) that both of these schools have new football fields and scoreboards. I believe some HVAC work was also done at Hanna High School. According to a sign on Greenville Street, McCants is also having construction work done. Another school district is getting a rodeo arena. The District Five administrator received a 5 percent pay raise. The District Three administrator received a significant pay raise.

Since education is one of my hot buttons I have to ask, is any of the one-cent tax going into academics? There must be, or should be some money going into the classroom. Am I wrong? I have to ask these questions because I see so many problems in Anderson County that can be traced back to the lack of education. No, I am not blaming the schools or the teachers. It is another problem that requires another discussion at another time. Until then perhaps an article will be published explaining the new expenditures for academics.

The question here is: They raised the sales tax to build stadiums? Or for that matter to build anything? How does building something help test scores?

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