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Friday, November 27, 2015

You'd be jailed for stealing $10,000. Then why aren't our elected officials jailed for stealing hundreds of thousands, millions, or billions?

Have you given any thought to the fact that the South Carolina Department Of Revenue over-collected $1.16 billion dollars this year and yet the schools in the counties are underfunded?

In fact, Pickens County Schools were under-funded by at least $10 million dollars. Had we gotten this money all our educational needs would have been met.  The panacea that Henry Wilson and Phillip Bowers spoke of could have become a reality.  Do you realize that $1.16 Billion dollars is $1,160 million that should go back to the counties and if it doesn't, it's the same as stealing from the people of this state.  Did our County Council and School Board sue to get our money?  No! Why then?  We can't have conflict between politicians!  We can't have trouble in the Martin, Collins, Clary and Hiott & Friends teepee of consensus.  

No one has the guts to stand up for the people.

Do you realize that when the School Board over-collected $789,000 in the first three months of the current fiscal year, and that the people of Pickens County who have been over-charged, are due this money back.  12-43-285 instructs the County Treasurer to set up a separate account so that this money can be refunded or credited at the next year tax billing.  If the School Board over-collected, then so did the County Council, and the cities.  

Why don't they follow the law?

It's because we don't make them.  If you stole this much money, you would be in our jail with all the unfortunate convicts (or unconvicts-- those that await a trial--some violating the Constitution by not getting a reasonably quick trial).

In 2007, Senator Martin wrote me an email and said this needed to be fixed, but it hasn't been.  I have personally told all political entities in this County both present and past 38 years that this problem needs to be fixed.  Instead they have found more ways to rip you off.

Junius Smith
President Conservatives of the Upstate

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