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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Syrian Refugee Reference Points ...

• Two of the Paris terrorists had faked Syrian passports. They were supposedly brought in from several of the refugee resettlements into Europe.

• The problem with someone from a third world country is they have no verifiable past. Some may have only interacted with >10 people in their lifetime.

^ That's very close to impossible in the USA.

• ISIS means Islamic State In Syria

There is no such organization as ISIL

ISIL means Islamic State Iraq Levant

This is made up media / politically correct term

ISIS has claimed the attack on Paris

• 97% of the refugees by United Nations assessment are Suni Muslim / ALL terrorists have been / are Suni

• Islam says follow Quran 4:89. 
 (Kill non believers)

Shiites are the "good Muslims" that don't adhere to the violent part of Islam and in fact - portray it as an outdated maxim.

Shiites account for 3% of all refugees.

6 million Muslims live in France 

6 million in Germany

+/- 3% are Shiite

What we are teaching them is to run in the face of a fight. The USA wasn't formed by fleeing - it was instilled with patriotism because we stayed and took a stand.

• The Quran Surah 4:157 says that Christians are liars because they believe Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead.

We cannot be neighbors with someone who, before even a handshake or eye contact, believes we are liars.

• The Quran says in order to be faithful you must adhere to the word (Quran 3:56)

• Quran 2:191-193 says kill all who disagree

The Old Testament is historical and contextual. No Christian can justify modern warfare in a civilized society with the New Testament. Borders are decided. Religious truths are known. Information is widespread.

The Quran is open ended and justifies lying cheating killing of innocents. 

We are all sinners. Our biggest sin is not believing in Jesus Christ or blaspheming his holy name. Muslims perceive their biggest sin as allowing us to exist.

• To any news source saying this doesn't affect South Carolina because no refugees have arrived yet, read this story from April 2015 before this was news:

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