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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Concerned View VS The Discerned View

There appears to be a lot of mis-truths, mis-leading information and out-right lies being spoken on the topic of accreditation in Pickens County.

The School District’s accreditation was renewed through June 2019. (See the attached certificate.) 

The letter from AdvancED is a 2 year follow up letter. Nowhere in the letter does it say the school district is about to lose its accreditation. Nowhere does it say it has two strikes. 

Read it for yourself here. 

All I have read is the school board is totally committed to meeting AdvancED’s additional requirements. 

This happens all the time with audits or inspections. The government reviews you. They have a list of concerns. They are fixed. They come back and find a couple of other things, and those are fixed. 
Clayton County School District lost their accreditation a few years back and that was the first time that happened in 40 years! The School District of Pickens County is one of the top in the state and it would be the only one to lose its accreditation? Nonsense. 

Some school districts in the state at the bottom - only 40% of their students read at grade level and they would be accredited? What would that say about AdvancED’s creditability? What you are seeing is Concerned Citizens of Pickens County and Robin Nelson Miller on TV taking this and blowing it up to make it a political brew-ha-ha so they can get a tax increase and get conservative board members kicked off the board in the next election.

Written by John Schafer · 

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