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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Conservatives go by name; Bullies go by "Anonymous"

The May 2015 Pickens County School Board Meeting

The May 26, 2015 Pickens County School Board meeting was lightly attended by conservatives.  The only speaker for our group was Junius Smith.  He addressed the Board about "anonymous" whom he said lived in Pickens County.  "Anonymous" letters and posts to the internet and even entire sites devoted to destroying folk's reputations have been circulating.  Threats to people's lives, jobs, and threats of all kinds have been posted and so far nothing has been done about it.  There are some that believe this "anonymous" lives within our school district.  There is also indication that there is more than one "information gatherer" involved as one post threatens group or gang action if anything new comes up. 

The audience of teachers and the board sat dumbfounded as Smith spoke and immediately carried on with their requests for more money for teachers, nurses, and administrative personnel of all types.  

One person even begged the school board to raise her taxes.  We had one person to ask God to declare anyone who objected to the school budget ~ wrong.

To set the record straight; the people have paid an extreme amount of money to educate our children -  5% in sales tax, the alcohol & tobacco tax, the lottery, property tax (both bond and personal property), and the income tax.  This money was supposed to go to the General Assembly to be used for education under Article 11 Section 3 of the South Carolina Constitution.  But, the General Assembly has not invested the money into our children.  If you have a beef, it is with the General Assembly, not with the people of Pickens County.  They make only 90% of the average salary of people living in South Carolina.  When teachers and school administrators are removed from the population, the average person in Pickens County makes about $17,000 per year.

The people have not seen any increase to their living condition in 7 years when adjusted for inflation.  Senior Citizens LIVING ON SOCIAL SECURITY have noticed a decrease in their standard of living over the same period of time.  In the room last night were folks making from sixty thousand to over one million while begging for more taxes.

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