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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Hook For Education: Technology or Spending?

Dear Mr. Moody,

I read your column on School Technology needs and wants.  I followed the conversation last week on Concerned Citizens of Pickens County-The Whole Truth.

First, let me give you some of my background versus your "expert source" cited in your article. I was with Milliken for 15 years, reaching the level of plant manager. While at Milliken, Roger Milliken sent all his middle and top management to "Freedom School" in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There, we learned the evils of Marxist socialism. Headmaster Robert LeFevre correctly forecast that a socialist takeover would arise from the bottom up (City/County level) rather than the top down (State/Federal level) - using our children as the fish hook. Dean Hybl and his organization "Ten At The Top" - in conjunction with "Upstate Forever" - are facilitating the stringing of the hook.

On May 27, 2010 a speech was given at the Business In Action Conference, where a concept was introduced by Upstate Forever called "Natural Capitalism". This speech suggested that every school project be under the umbrella of a "Green for Greenville" certification. The speech suggested that it did not matter the means to get there, but that it would just be a win-win environmentally and economically.

Technology is wonderful, inspiring, and necessary in today's world. However, learning basic Math, English and Science is the first step to a great education. Technology can enhance this learning greatly. But too much technology versus quality instruction time learning the basics can become a crutch and a toy; rather than the inspiration it was meant to be. Curriculum is centered around the use of technology; but learning is centered around understanding of basics -  concept building upon concept.

The Capital Needs Plan presented by the School District Of Pickens County is a bait and switch plan designed to fool the public. Technology is being paid for by the State, but continues to be included in this local budget. All educational spending is the responsibility of The State Of South Carolina (SC Constitution Article 11 Section 3). It seems those in favor of the tax increase don’t care how we get the technology or what we do with it, they just want it, constitutionally or not.

There isn’t a specific, set goal with this spending. There isn’t a list of specific item by item spending. There’s just an ambiguous goal of “Top 5 District”.

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