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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Your Presence Is Needed At November 24, 2014 School Board Meeting

Dear Conservatives,

It has come to my attention that a group called Concerned Citizens of Pickens County intends to bulldoze their way into your pocketbooks by getting some newly elected Board members to raise your taxes illegally by designing a scheme similar to the SCAGO bonds to build schools debacle that raised taxes by 50-60 mils, and bypassed State Constitutional and statutory laws. 

Remember, this is the same group that manufactured a scare tactic lie out of thin air concerning the School District's accreditation with AdvancED. They used this scare tactic to bully businesses and residents into voting against the more conservative board members - causing a false sense of divisiveness on the board.

The group was also behind the illegal move to add a 7th school board member to the Pickens County School Board - move that would have cost tax payers possible litigation, 10's of $1000's to implement and just simply unnecessary.

Contrary to what you will read on their facebook propaganda, Pickens County and 11 other school district citizens are paying for these school building mils while 29 other counties are paying nothing. Six counties are getting their buildings payed for by the state which means that Pickens County citizens are paying for their buildings (Supreme Court ruling 26682).  The argument is that our teachers are not paid enough money in their salaries which is the State's responsibility under Article 11 Section 3 and code of laws (Act 388) where a one cent sales tax was added for the purpose of the state being able to pay for all operating expenses. 

This group completely ignores the fact of the extra sales tax.

It also should be brought to your attention that it is a violation of state ethics laws for a board member to vote on anything that directly effects the increase of the economic condition of the elected person or his immediate family.  

In the past, the Board has disenfranchised voters in the Liberty area and spent money without proper authority according to their bond agreement for the building plan (SCAGO).

Our teachers are paid double the salary of the other residents of this county (Report issued by Appalachian Council of Governments).  They have the best benefits, more off time and holidays, and a great retirement which is the same time that a soldier who risks his or her life for the country can retire.

Any county that breaks the law in order to outbid the teaching services of other counties is subject to the Constitution of the State.  If teachers want to leave Pickens County for a few dollars, then so be it.  Do your commuting, but remember that there is a reason these other counties are paying more.  The population of the students in this county is quite different than Greenville or Anderson.

Please come to the School board meeting on Monday, November 24, 2014 and express your opinion.

November 24, 2014 / 7:00PM
Curtis A. Sidden Administrative Bldg
1348 Griffin Mill Road, Pickens, SC 29640
Junius Smith
President, Conservatives Of The Upstate

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