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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prayer At School Board Meetings ...

On the final vote to reintroduce prayer at school board meetings ...

Shelton, Swords, Cooper, Edwards vote to delay implementation of prayer before school board meetings.

Saitta, previously against but now for due to legal issues worked out - now for

Gillespie voted for.

Issue of prayer before school board meetings fails / gets tabled / delayed 4-2

Quick commentary ...

It's shameful to me to see other schools pray and use "Christ's name" and we do not - we just have a moment of silence.

It really makes me feel sad to be bullied and not stand up for Jesus.

Philip Smith
web, Conservatives Of The Upstate

When It Came Down To The Final Vote; The School Board Disappoints Yet Again

Dear Conservatives:
I am in hope that you will not make the mistake of voting for McKenzie, Qualkenbush, or Woods for the school Board of Pickens County. 
I have always said that elected officials should not have the power to fatten their own pocket books by a vote that directly benefits themselves or their family. Two of the above candidates Mr. McKenzie and Mr. Qualkenbush have wives that work for the School District. Ms. Woods works for the Government also. Therefore any vote that they make concerning salaries, working conditions, retirement, and teacher benefits is a DIRECT conflict of interest. 
Current Board members who have this primary conflict of interest, Shelton (sister) and Edwards (retired teacher) have voted almost 100% of the time for benefits for their relatives. Teachers in Pickens County make almost twice as much salary combined with the best benefits as the average citizen that must pay these salaries and benefits.

This leaves Phillip Bowers who has dedicated himself to serving all the folks in this county. His only flaw is that he made some decisions while serving as Chairman of the local Republican Party that a few of the people didn't like which is certainly understandable.
Now, concerning the October 2014 School Board Meeting …
Based on the information I have received form several sources, the Board is delaying the school prayer issue until after the election. Ms. Edwards, Mr. Swords,and Mr. Shelton continue to break every rule of by ethical conduct by voting on issues of salary, etc. that directly effect their own relatives, themselves, children, and spouses.

In my opinion, they are waiting on the candidates that are running for the Board so they can continue to fatten their own pockets. Additionally, Supt. Merck was out last week telling how they were going to close the three mountain schools (which are local favorites) and use portables until they can steal more money for a new school so that they can save money and finance the high energy costs at all the over-sized schools they have illegally built.

The School Board had previously castigated the local population for causing them to use portables. Additionally, Article 11 section 3 of the SC Constitution explicitly says that the state is responsible for education. SC Statutory law Act 388 says that the State is responsible for all operational expenses. What the Board is trying to do is shift all the expenses to the local Pickens County people by building other schools or using portables at existing schools. There is not any thought given to the amount of travel that is involved in the new set up and the expense to both the schools and the people.

Junius Smith
President, Conservatives Of The Upstate

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Editorial: School Board Candidates With Conflict

School Board Candidates With Conflict
by Philip Smith

After hearing the candidates for the Pickens County School Board Seat II, some critical distinctions can be observed in the candidates.

Tony Qualkinbush and Kevin McKenzie both receive significant household income from the school district since their wives work there. McKenzie also works for the State, so his whole household income is from the government. Jennifer Wood also works for City government. Phillip Bowers is the only candidate who does not receive household income from the government.

Qualkinbush and McKenzie cannot lawfully vote on any issue that benefits them personally. So, since the budget is roughly 90% salaries and benefits which include their wives paycheck, they will be almost useless on the board since they can't vote on budget matters.

If voters are not careful, we will end up with a board member that can't vote on ANY important matters.

I do not believe government employees should serve on boards that are designed to oversee the government on behalf of the citizens.

Indirectly, we already have a large teacher vote represented with Judy Edwards, retired School District Of Pickens County teacher.

Editorial: Dehumanizing Danger ...

Dehumanizing Danger
by Philip Smith
EBOLA isn't just a deadly virus … It's a catchy buzzword.
Instead of the word "OJ" killing the word "Nicole Simpson" assisted by the words "gloves that don't fit" we have just one word killing ALL of us … "EBOLA"!
Instead of evil people by the names "Radical Muslims" … we have the names "ISIS" and "ISIL" and "Al Queda" which actually sound a little mysterious and friendly.
We aren't scared of people any more in the days of social media … "We are scared of buzzwords"
Stop falling for it!
Call a spade a spade and call out the media that's USING YOU for ratings.