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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why does a candidate for the Liberty seat care so much about Easley?

Brian Swords is a school board candidate for the Liberty seat in the special election on Tuesday, April 1st. Swords is backed and financed by leaders of Easley.

In the February 25, 2014 Greenville News, Swords said the following ...

"We have to bring all the stakeholders around the table and figure out a way to address the need for a second middle school in the Easley area."

Does that word "stakeholder" sound familar? It should. It's one of the buzzwords in Common Core implemenation and one of the ways Agenda 21 describes "involved participants" …

At one of the recent Pickens County School District "Ask Anything Meetings" … Superintendent Dr. Kelly Pew gave an opening speech stating that "stakeholders" were involved in the process of Common Core implementation.

When questioned who stakeholders were by Philip Smith of Conservatives Of The Upstate, Pew responded …

"Stakeholders are students, parents, teachers, administration, business, government, and non governmental organizations."
Mr. Smith followed up …

"As a parent, I was not consulted ... I have not spoken to any parents that were consulted about Common Core implementation."
Pew responded …

"Parents were not on the level of stakeholder we consulted."

On his website, > The Issues, Swords wrote, 

"My position: The selling of the old Getty’s Middle School is not in the best interest of our students or our taxpayers... Easley is going to continue to grow, and property is at a premium. We need a second middle school."

Never mind that LEGACY Charter School is coming to Easley. 

Taxpayers have already spent nearly $400 million on new schools. Borrowing another $25 million and raising property tax rates again for a second middle school in Easley isn't needed. 

But the real question should be … why does a candidate for the Liberty seat care so much about Easley?

Mr. Swords list of campaign donors uncovers the answer I believe.

Donors to his campaign include:

• Chris Mann (Easley City Council)

• Kent Dykes (Easley City Council)

• Bill Houston and Betty Garrison (former Easley High School principals)

• Tom O' Hanlan from Liberty who helped perpetuate the accreditation scare and seems to be in the pockets of almost every Pickens County, State, and Federal politician.

and various residents and business owners in Easley.

Your vote is critical.

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